OK to Use Carb Cleaner on F.I. Engines?

mister_hOctober 18, 2005

I have a few bottles of STP and Gunk carb cleaners that I bought sometime ago but I don't have carb engines anymore. Is it OK to use them on F.I. engine with injectors?

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Well, I have with no apparent ill results. They all are basically solvents of one type or another, so I don't see much of a problem using them.

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Why would you use carb cleaner on a F.i. engine ? F.I.
engines don't have carbs. You can pore the stuff in but you can kiss your O2 sensor good by if it has one. Sell your Carb cleaner at the next garage sale.

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I don't buy the O2 sensor death. O2 sensors go back to the 1980s when carbs and carb cleaner were common. I agree also with the first response, there's a lot clean besides the fuel injectors, most additives also remove water and carbon on valves,... no reason to throw it out, make good use of it, but not all at once. I use cleaner, sometimes a combined carb/injector (hey what's that about??) sold under the "Tech" barnd at WalMart about once every 5 refills. Some have said there are gasolines outthere that already have cleaner in it, such as Shell. I haven't seen Shell advertising this, but the subject did come up on the Tractor forum of the Garden family of forums. I take it at face value.

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