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good36October 24, 2005

I was hoping someone could give me an idea on what could be wrong with my car? The blinkers work only some time and the gas gauge stops working after about 1/2 full. I own a 2000 chevy Impala.



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How old is the 5 year old battery ?
How many miles ?
If, when they do operate,how fast are the directionals ? If they are slow, then the sign is near certain.
Have the battery/charging system serviced.

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It's hard to say if you both your problems are related, or are they two different, unrelated problems.

The gas gauge not reading beyond 1/2 full could be a bad float/sending unit in the gasoline tank.

The blinkers not not working all of the time could be nothing more than burned out lamps in the signal lamp housings.

However, if these two maladies are related, it will take more hunting to find the problem. If they are related suspect a loss of ground connection, and unfortunately, it may be a loss of ground connection behind the instrument panel. Does anything weird happen, like a dome lamp that comes on at reduced brightness, when you operate the turn signal to either right or left? This would be an indication of ground loss to the turn signal system. This may also be related to the fuel gauge problem, but without more information, I think the fuel gauge may be a separate problem.

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unfortunately you have been bit by the "Chevy" Gremlin. They had a problem with the switch and it was a part that they used for quite a few model years. As for the Guage, you might want to to consider replacing the Fuel pump, because I believe the Guage/Pump are both the same piece.

As far as EARTHWORM asking you,

"How old is the 5 year old battery ? "

Pay him no attention. He like to complicate matters that are generally answered with ease. If you Ask him what time it is, He would probably attempt to build you a Watch.

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Thanks, I will check it out.

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Hey Socal. Do you want to try again to help?

First, a fuel gage problem can indeed be a fuel pump module issue. Test and find out before anyone starts replacing parts!

The first step in doing ANY electrical diagnostic is to verify proper system voltage, and while the earthworm didn't say it exactly the way we would like to see it, he is actually correct! The correct system voltage is essential to having evey circuit operate correctly. Whats more, a battery that is failing, or especially noted with a failing alternator, or bad cable connections is the AC voltage produced by the alternator which can and does cause erratic operation of many of the computer controlled components. Which BTW includes the dash on this car!

As far as her problems go, if she wants to try a silver bullet, the 4-way flasher switch includes the flasher relay inside it for the turn signals as well as the 4-ways. I've seen a number of these fail. But again, test first, and replace it if it's confirmed bad.

The fuel gage though is something that needs to be diagnosed while the gage is confirmed to be innacurate due to how much fuel should be in the tank. At the same time when I read what she wrote, I'm not sure if the gage works fine when the tank is full and then stops at about 1/2 while the fuel is being used, or if it wont go above 1/2 when the tank gets filled. Believe it or not this is also an emissions control problem. The PCM (fuel injection computer) needs to know how much fuel is in the tank in order to run the evaportative emissions monitor. With the readings faulty, the PCM could attempt to run the monitor when it should not. Which BTW, if she takes this to a properly equipped technician, he/she will have a scan tool that will display the fuel sender input voltage for both the PCM, and instrument panel, and allow for the diagnostics to progress much faster.

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Posted by: John_G (My Page) on Wed, Oct 26, 05 at 9:04

Hey Socal. Do you want to try again to help?


John_G: If you look at Socals post, you'll see he did answer the question.

Good36: Socalinspector gave you sound advice. The switch he is referring to is the "Combination switch" and is located inside the Steering wheel Column. GM put these switches in thousands of Vehicles and have since done recalls as well as numerous TSB. You can take it to your Mechanic and they can fix it in about 2 hours.

Take care

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