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joe_mnOctober 5, 2009

our lease on a 07 sonata is up this month. gls, but nice car. our residual is 10.5k, thought it was 12k but i was wrong. 22k total miles. wife wants to buy car. no good lease deals from hyundai now. retail is about 10-11k for our miles. i have been shopping around for a similar car with maybe a V6? no luck. i am trying to crunch the numbers to find a 07 car for the same money. accords are 16-18k. 20k miles is the crucial factor here. don't want a 60k 3yr old car.

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seems like used car prices have come up some in the last cpl months. i see 07 sanatas at the auction in great shape for 6k to 8k v6 and loaded. mazda has some really good leases now, and xtra off if you have a freind or family member working or retired from ford. check out rebuilt wrecks, can really save some bucks on those.

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thanks for the auction headsup? does that mean you will buy a car at auction for me and pass on the savings? or do you just want to rub my nose in it. yes i know how the world revolves. dealers buy stuff at wholesale. than they sell it at retail. thats how they make a profit. so all the schmucks in the world pay retail. thanks.

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depending on the state, many auctions are open to the public. and you can also slip some b-lot dealers a couple of bucks to take you along to a closed auction and buy for you.most mi. auction are open to the public.

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What's wrong with 60k on a 3 year old car? Any car? Let alone a Honda or Hyundai, both of which tend to go on for ever, even if they may not be the most hip and trendy marques.

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60k on a 3 yr old car, nothing is wrong with it, but why spend much on one like that, when for 8300.00 u can get 08 impala lt with 17000 miles, or 08 nissan sentra loaded with leather 22000 miles for 7900.00 or 08 grand prix 18000 miles 8800.00 or 07 chrysler sebring 17000 miles 7300.00 and the list goes on. but thats a few of what i looked at last week. dont know about al areas, but here in mi. theres a glut of off-lease and repo cars. not to mention the lightly damaged rebuilders, just got a 08 pt cruiser for our lot with 7000 miles loaded light damage on the right side for 2890.00

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i dont really want to dump our car. we know its history and its mint. but that being said, we are going to spend 11k on something. either our current car or possibly find something as nice but maybe a nicer model/brand? we have nothing to trade in so it will cost 3k or so to get into a new lease.

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i say lease another one. i lease my primary car, so i can drive the crap out of it then turn it in and get another one. i just could never see leasing a car, then buying it. its like paying for it twice. sounds like you take great care of yours. me i hammer my lease car, so i wouldnt want it.

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if we take out a loan on 11k, payments will be 250-300. a new lease is also 250 or so but thats with 3k down. put less down and payments go up. but if we buy the car, its ours after 3-4 yrs. but its also 7yrs old now.

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My roommate and I have had a falling out. She and I mutually decided to end the lease. She unfortunately still has her stuff there though her lease is up. What can I legally do with her things to get them out

Here is a link that might be useful: lax car service

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