95 Honda Prelude (Brake light and idle prob)

stokleyOctober 1, 2007

I got the nearly the same problem with my 95 Honda prelude. A few weeks ago. I noticed by brake lamp indicator light came on in the car. So I check the rear and found that the brake light on the driver's does not light up when the brake is pressed.

So, I changed the bulb and still no light, I checked the fuses and still the problem persist. I am frustrated.

Should I check the brake fluid? Also, I noticed that when I just start the car the idle (tacometer) bounces back and forth. When I put it in gear it stays at one or between one and two. However, if I take the car on a rigorous drive. Depress the gas pedal to the floor. The idea bounces back and forth when I apply the brake. At time it appears the car is loosing power and about to shut off and the idle bounces below 1 or near there. What do I do? What do you suggest....

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Treat the problems as seperate issues, and accurately diagnose one at a time.

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