KitchenAid 36' Induction Cooktop

shmealMarch 30, 2012

It's me again. Rinse and repeat. Does anyone on here have a KA induction cooktop? Or do you know anyone who does? I can not find any good reviews online. DH says the same disgruntled customer is the only one who is posting reviews and that most people are perfectly content with their cooktop and don't bother to post reviews.

I AM concerned about the noise issue. I wonder if that is related directly to the lower price (can't manufacture something cheaper without cutting corners somewhere).

None of the retailers in this area have the KA plugged in so we can't have them turn it on to listen to it. We have tried the Wolf and the Thermador.

We had a KA dishwasher in our last house. It was a great dishwasher so DH thinks that we will be okay going with the KA induction cooktop. He also likes the bridge feature and the fact that we can get it without the stainless trim (he wants the solid black look).

I don't want to buy it and wish we had spent just a little bit more to get a better quality cooktop. We are at the point in our build where $1k here and $1k there and another over there and another and another are really starting to add up and I want it to stop somewhere. BUT, I'm also willing to spend the money if it is REALLY worth it.

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if you google KA reviews, include the model # you are considering, you should get some answers.

on GW many people are happy with their bosch, electrolux, miele and wolf's. you can also search here on GW at the bottom of appliance form.

i personally have miele and love it. chose it for the burner layout, timers, quality and customer service.

good luck!

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Are you buying on line or a local dealer?
I don't know who makes the KA models but most have warranties. If you try it for 30 days and are unhappy, can't you return it? I bought mine on line and it had 30 days to return. I bought bosch mainly because of the self-turn off burners. I have used the feature twice and like it. Would it matter in the end? probably not, but that is what swayed me. That and the bosch name but even so, there are many people who slam bosch products. I think it is like cars...there's always a possibility of a lemon.
Besides, I thought the noise came from the cookware and not the cooktop. Maybe the complainer has crappy cookware.

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Sister has a Kitchenaid induction cooktop. 36". Works great. She has All Clad and Ikea cookware and they don't hum or click loudly. Just a soft hum. The KitchenAid is made by Bosch.

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