Wiper fluid not coming out

Hazel52October 12, 2005

I own a 2000 Buick Century and recently discovered that my wiper fluid won't shoot out when I use the controls. Thankfully, the wipers work fine.

I took a look under the hood and didn't see anything supicious and yes, there is fluid in the tank.

I wonder if there's a fuse that controls the fluid release and is separtate from the fuse that controls the wiper blades.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Well, there's better mechanics than I on this board, but here's what I'd check first (before posting):

Is it not coming out AT ALL, or just out of one orifice?

Is there a blockage in one of the tubes?

Is the washer motor functioning?

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The circuit for the wiper should be the same as the washer; same fuse.

I'd suggest trying to run the washer while the hood is open and the engine off. If it runs, you should hear a dull whine.

If it runs, check to see if any fluid is coming from a hose that might have become disconnected.

If the pump runs, and if you see no fluid coming from anywhere, and if you can reach the hose connected to the washer pump, pull that hose off the pump. Try running the pump again to see if anything comes out in a good stream.

If the pump doesn't run at all, check to make sure the connector hasn't come loose.

If the pump still doesn't run, check to see if you have 12 volts at the connector at the pump. A simple check can be done with an auto bulb connected to the plug at the motor while the pump switch is pushed. If you have power at that point, replace the pump and motor.


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The first thing I would do is take a pin and clean out the little holes where the water comes out (in front of the windshield) Car wax will clog them up among other things. Also you can change their direction if you like. Sometimes one will squirt over the roof or too far to one side or the other. Hope this works for you. Later Skag

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Careful while sticking a pin in the little holes. I pushed too hard and made the hole little bigger, which made the suirt stream fatter than it should be (not spray as much - more of a stream). Usually clogged after I waxed car, so now I avoid waxing right at the nozzle.

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Thanks everyone for posting. I tried the wiper fluid control today and it worked. Full disclosure; I refilled the reservoir with fluid (Orange Rain-X, I think) on Sunday but nothing would come out, not even hours later. I don't know if it needed to work itself into the system for it to work. I doubt it. And it didn't work on the first try, either. I'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Also, the fluid doesn't come from a hole near the windshied but from the wipers themselves. So, if the window is open and you hit the fluid switch when the wiper is on the extreme left, some droplets will hit the arm of the driver.

Thanks again for posting to my question. I'll pose another in a new heading soon.


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This happened to me & i pulled the hose off from the sprayer got a small funnel & poured wiper fluid into the hose to re-prime the pump.

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If you live in an area where it's been freezing, and the washer won't pump out fluid in the morning or after sitting for a period in the cold, but will do so after the engine has been running for a while, or after the car has sat for a half hour or so after the engine has warmed up, perhaps you've topped up the reservoir with fluid that wasn't rated for cold weather and has been freezing in the tubes, but thaws after the engine compartment gets warm for long enough to thaw them out.

If it's been cold enough to freeze the liquid in the reservoir, this solution won't work, of course.

Probably pour hot water over it several times, if it won't cause complications in other parts of the system as it flows down to the ground.

Or blow a hair dryer on it for an hour or so, until it thaws enough to pump some of it out, then add hot water to the tank to thaw the rest, pump it all out, refill with seasonally-adjusted stuff.

Or remove the tank, take it into the house for a day - probably a lot of work.

Hope you get it straightenedd out without too much difficulty.

ole joyful

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