Check Engine Reader

ggalvOctober 3, 2009

Do you guys have any recommendations on a Good Check Engine Light Reader. I have limited mechanic knowledge but think that a reader would be handy when one of my cars at home gets the check engine light. Not looking for a professional but not a cheap one neither.


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I've been using one made by Acton and it has worked for me. I realize that it is a simple minded affair and does not match a more sophisticated unit found in professional garages and dealerships. My model does not have provision for updating and that is a feature you may want.

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Go to I purchased their unit a while back (it's since gone down in price!) and am thrilled with it. Works great and astounds even professional mechanics when they see it in action. Does everything they claim.

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There's really no need for you to buy a code scanner. Most auto parts stores keep several on hand that they will either A. loan out to you for a deposit (you get it all back) or B. will pull the codes for you in the parking lot along with a complete description of what they mean.

Here is a link that might be useful: lax car service

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