Transmission or maybe clutch problem??

jennmonkeyOctober 23, 2006

I'm having a problem with my 91' Nissan Pathfinder (4wheel drive, manual) and I thought maybe someone would recognize this problem.

I noticed a few weeks ago that it seemed harder to shift gears, almost stiff feeling. But it seemed to loosen up and shift okay after driving it for awhile. In the last few weeks, it has gotten harder and harder to shift. No grinding really, only a few times, and the clutch seems a little easier to push down than before. On Saturday night, we left a Halloween party, and when we first got into the car, it wouldn't go into any gear at all. After the car had sat there idling for a few minutes, then we were able to push it into the gears and drive home, but it took some muscle to do so.

So...a friend of mine who know something about cars said it might be the hydrolics in the clutch, maybe needing fluid. Since I don't know much about cars, I just wanted maybe a general idea of what it might be before I go in and someone tries to charge me a million bucks.

Anyone have this problem or could take a guess what might be the problem? (I understand that I will probably have to take it in and get diagnosed by a mechanic anyways), but if it's just fluid or something, my boyfriend could do it and save us the money.

Thanks, Jenn

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Definitely service the clutch hydraulics; if this is all original, very likely the clutch master is losing its effectness.. The symptoms shout out that the clutch is not being fully released, causing very difficult shifting..
You should have about 1/2" to 1" of free play at the pedal..As the clutch wears down, this diminishes..

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Thank you!

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Of course check the fluid in the master cylinder reservior, pump the clutch pedal a few times and see if it goes into gear any better. The free play is when you push the clutch pedal all the way to the floor, put it in gear, start to release the pedal and if the pedal has to travel quite a distance to make the truck move then the clutch is getting thin, and visa versa, if you have to push it in only a little to get the clutch to stop driving the truck then it is getting thin. What this looks like is all the work is getting done at the upper pedal travel equals thin clutch. Pumping the pedal makes things easier equals hydraulic malfunction, time to do some easy rebuilding.

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