Should I tile the ceiling of my shower or not?

DobaMarch 14, 2014

I have a 12.5 x 5.5 bathroom. I will have a shower that is roughly 65 x 38 inches with a frameless enclosure. We are considering tiling the ceiling with the 6" x 24" tiles. These are the same tiles to be used on the shower walls. We will have the Hansgrohe Raindance Showerhead coming out of the ceiling as well as a bar with a handheld on the wall. Will there be splash up issues onto the ceiling? With 8 foot ceilings and no planned header for the ceiling, should I do it? Will it look strange in a small to medium sized bathroom and cut off the flow of the space, especially without the header? Most of the ceiling tile I see has a header. The other thing I am going to add is that we would probably use Schluter strips in polished chrome. So, framing out the tile with polished chrome schluter on 3 sides if we include the ceiling might look a little flashy, right?

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I think ceilings that are tiled are usually those that are in a steam shower where the glass enclosure goes all the way to the ceiling.

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With a shower head coming out of the ceiling I would definitely do it.

Around here I mostly see the ceilings tiled in showers or alcove tubs with *no header, just bullnose at the edge, so I guess it's regional.

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I do prefer a transom or header over a shower entry to "contain" the tiled ceiling.

That aside, what you are proposing is done often. Tiled walls and tiled ceilings simply "die out" on the walls or ceiling and are terminated with bullnose tile, or some sort of trim, or a termination strip like the Schluter strips.

I personally don't use the Schluter strips that much because depending on how they are used they can lend a bit of a modern or contemporary feel to the design, on showers going for different design style they can look out of place.

With 6x24s they can go well.

Splashing on the ceiling should not be an issue.

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I am having a tough time envisioning what schluter might look like on the walls and the ceiling, especially in chrome. The 6 x 24 is fairly contemporary, but we are striving for "transitional" for what that term is worth. Does anyone have any photos of schluter? Even on the ceiling would be helpful. Is it really noticeable, or do most people look at the overall bathroom and not focus on the "shiny" metal strips?

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We tiled the ceiling over the shower in our guest bathroom, as well as over the tubs in the other two bathrooms. The shower has a soffit/header (there were pipes in the space that could not be relocated), but we removed the soffits over the tubs. We used bullnose tile for the edges in two bathrooms, and marble tile in the MB (tile guy cut the pieces to size, and then polished the cut edges).

I don't have any good pics showing the ceilings/edges, but they do look totally fine (and nice!). I can try to take some pics if you are still having trouble envisioning how it would look.

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Pics would be great if you have the time. We are using porcelain, so we can't polish the edges and the bull nose pieces don't look great with the lines of the 6x24. It really cuts off the pattern. However, if someone out there has similar and wants to show me theirs I would appreciate that as well.

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We have tiled the ceiling in both of the baths we finished last year. One has a showerhead coming out of the ceiling, the other does not.

In the latter, the tiles we used on the walls were 8x20. However, we were leery about using such a big, heavy tile on the ceiling. So, my DH cut them each down into 4 or 5 equal pieces (so 5x8" or 4x8" tiles) and used those on the ceiling. It came out really nicely.. I almost wish we had cut down the tiles for the walls as well, but DH refused and that would have been more grout to clean anyway.

We used the bullnose tiles instead of the schluter on the edges.

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I wish my shower ceiling was tiled. When I color my hair (red), I rinse out the color in the shower. I have a few small permanent dots on the ceiling which won't come out.

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I decided to tile it. However, my dh wants the bullnose tile and not chrome schluter. Since we are going with chrome faucets/hardware he thinks it might be too contemporary.

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