Bathroom dilemma

mistychazMarch 4, 2014

I am doing a remodel of our bathroom, Here is what I am wondering. I plan to get new fixtures from Kohler in their bisque color. My new vanity will be linen white as is the trim to match the rest of the trim in our kitchen area. I am looking at Caeserstone in Dreamy Marfil (a light color) for the vanity top. Walls will be some shade of cream, a little darker than the linen white. For the tub surround I had hoped to use Swanstone, because they make a product that looks like subway tile. The problem is, the tub surround product only comes in white. Would this look "off", to use white with all the rest being cream? Also, I will be using a shower curtain, rather than doors. Thank you.

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Nah. the curtain will hang out over the tub so it won't even be seen.

Get an arched curtain rod though!

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Have you looked at the plain surfaced Swanstone which comes in more shades?

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Yes, I am planning on the curved rod, I think that will be so nice. I have looked at the plain Swanstone, but for some reason was really liking the Subway Tile look. Do you think it would be more important for the colors to coordinate, or to get the tile look? Ours is a 100 year old house, so trying to keep an older, more vintage look. I have also looked at the Onyx brand of tub surround. It is very shiny, and they do not offer the tile look.

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I'd rather have a solid Swanstone panel of your ideal color than a fake subway. In person, I've never seen a fake tile that didn't look fake. But if you really love it, you could try to work both the white and the cream into the shower curtain. And maybe add some white in one other place somehow. (Just so the color is not present in only one place.)

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According to the website, the subway tile-look Swanstone appears to be available in 42 colors (?)

Here is a link that might be useful: Swanstone

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According to the Plumbing Supply store that I checked with, the subway tile look only comes in white for tub surrounds. If I were doing a shower wall, there are many colors. Kind of thinking maybe I should just go plain then, so it all matches. Am I wrong?

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