? Can Caulk Colors be Combined?

enduringMarch 30, 2014

? Can Caulk Colors be Combined? What I do with my grout is mix my colors to suit my tile. I have several combos drying as I write this. I can get matching caulk for the manufactured colors but sometimes they are too dark to match with my concoctions.

The colors I'm working with are Laticrete Sterling Silver and Bright White. I may go with a 1part Sterling Silver with 2parts Bright White. I think the Sterling caulk will be too dark at the corners, etc. But the Bright White will be too stark.

Has anyone run a tiny bead of both and then mixed them with their finger as it is run along the seam? It might make the stuff streaky, which I don't want.

Here is my unfinished tile job. I progress at about 8 tiles per week ;)

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Did you try Laticrete silver shadow?

If you mix the caulk your way, I think you'll end up with caulk that looks like striped frosting on a cupcake.

Earthmaster makes a silicone caulk you mix with some grout to get a color match.

Here is a link that might be useful: Earthmaster groutmatch

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Squirt your caulks into a gallon size Ziplock bag, mix the caulks to a consistent color you want by kneading the bag, adding caulk if necessary. Tie off the end after squeezing out the air. Don't cut the corner of the bag. Pinch and pull it. It will elongate then break, creating a perfect dispensing nipple.

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I am using Sterling Silver, I need the warmer color. Silver Shadow is too cool for this tile. Though I have used S. Shadow in my other bathroom and it looks great. With this tile, there is an ever so slight walnut color to the background white. Looks fantastic with my walnut cabinets in the room.


natural light setting in the shower nook:

setting in the shower, on a stool, with the halogen light on:

I am thinking that I will do the 2parts white and 1 part Sterling Silver. So with that in mind maybe the plain white caulk might be the best. I just don't want it to be harsh, if I use the grout with the 1 part Sterling S.

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Trebruchet , just saw your post. That will be a great "trick" to try out. I just might do that. Thanks!

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Agree, do not try to mix them on the wall with your fingertip.

I mix them on a piece of smooth tile with a credit card-sized piece of plastic as my mixing tool. After mixing, I put it in a zip-loc style bag with a cake decorating tip.

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Thanks Mongoct, I think the cake decorating tip could be very helpful with consistency in application.

I think this is very doable.

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You may have time to mix latex caulk outside the Ziplock, but silicone caulk begins to cure the instant it's exposed to air. I wouldn't use latex caulk in a tile shower application.

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If you save and wash the plastic tubes from things like DAP QuickSeal or similar products (I don't know what is sold where you are..they're like large toothpaste tubes) you can cut off the sealed end fill it with your mixed caulk and clamp it shut with vice grips or a bull nose clip. That gives you a much better applicator than cutting a corner out of a plastic bag.

If you are using latex caulk you can even add VERY SMALL amounts of the colours they use to tint paint, they wont work with silicon however.

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could you use those plastic squeeze bottles they sell at places like restaurant supply for stuff like caramel sauce or salad dressings? You may have to fill frequently but good control. And they come with caps.

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What Trebruchet said was to Not Cut the corner, but to pull the material til it snapped off. The corner would elongate. The caulk would probably provide some structure so that the point didn't collapse. But I am only speculating. I haven't tried anything yet.

I still have to finish the tile!

Divotdiva, that might work too, thanks for the tip, lol.

ajames54, I do have some Latacrete tips that I might be able to retro fit into something. Or I might buy the frosting supply kit that Mongo suggests. I can go right to the aisle that that equipment is sold and get what I need.

Thanks you guys!

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