A pot of oatmeal simmering on the CC: the heart is resuscitated!

aliris19March 7, 2012

Ahh.... I had to actually turn the simmer up. And when I did, the flame was so responsive!

It's hard to know what you don't know -- I didn't know it wasn't just me, that I wasn't just picky and with too-high expectations. I did notice the stove wasn't particularly sharp in its responses, though I couldn't put that name to it. And I didn't know to expect differently. But I did wonder what the big deal was about, changing temperatures was a rather sloppy, dicey fiddle.

This is not true anymore. Minute twist, locked-in response. Maybe it was worth 4K?

I know that somewhere deep inside I am really, really happy to be able to provide the foods that support my family again.

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This is good to read. I've been following your saga and it's nice to see that they were able to fix the problem.

Next up rice?

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Yay!!!!!!!!!!! Now I hope Capital will do something to reach out to other CC owners. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that your experience might entice Capital into a White Glove Service plan, because all of us deserve it.

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Can you hear me hollaring HOORAY from all the way up the coast??!! Steel cut oats! It's been months since I've had the pleasure. Oh, how I miss them.

....One d-a-a-a-y my (oat) prince will come... :-)

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Good morning Aliris

I am very happy to read that the CC is now a pleasure to work with and makes you feel happy to be alble to cook all the foods that support your family. That's my relationship with cooking also,

May I ask, at the lowest simmer where is your knob calibrated? It appears to be on level 2. Also, do you still get clicking if your knob is actually turned to simmer? I would like to have my expectations clear when the service tech comes out.


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Ah well -- here's a picture of why a simmer plate may yet be desirable:

This is what greeted me at 5:30am after I had arisen at 4am to stick some oatmeal on the stove, on simmer, unattended, in preparation for rapid downing of the stuff on the way out the door by 5am of the swimmer. The goo was unattended, on simmer.

Mangiamo - your keen eyes are correct, that photo did have the knob set at about level 2 -- I needed to turn it up from simmer in order to cook high enough. This was while I was standing over the pot, periodically stirring and it was also uncovered. The subsequent early-morning iteration was unattended, covered and set to simmer - all the way down. It does not click at all at the bottom, simmer setting. Perhaps because the intensity of the burning fuel as it escapes is stronger than previously, even on simmer, there are next to no sporadic clicks either.

So my working hypothesis is that my own calibrations are immensely better. The clicking is not a problem. Getting a low-enough temperature is a reasonable expectation. But turning my back on some materials may yet still be not possible. It's possible the protocol for this may yet be tweaked, it's possible it will turn out to be something you can never do. Hopefully the simmer plate Capital has "in the oven", as it were, will mitigate this? I've never used one so can't say. And I don't know whether we can absolutely count on the production of promised simmer plates coming to pass, I suppose.

So ... still tweaking here!

Happy vacationing, Mangiamo

Interesting how many Canadian folks seem to be on this forum. Maybe they're not disproportional, but I feel more aware of their numbers than ordinarily (Sorry, not trying to be insulting!!!!!)

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aliris, for what it's worth, I would have probably gotten the same results on my burners if I had left my oatmeal unattended. In my video, I noted that the simmer with the lid on was a little too rigorous for oatmeal, so I vented the lid and that further lowered the temp to a better more acceptable level. Also worth noting is that I use McCann's and even on the can it says to simmer with the lid off in their directions. I suspect one of the reasons for that "advice" is to prevent what you experienced.

Another tip is I use a little extra water, about 25% more. The oatmeal still takes the same amount of time to cook, but it gives me a bigger window, in case I get distracted. When I'm ready for it and if I find it a little wet, then I just turn it up a little to let it thicken before serving. It should only take another minute or so. And before anyone comes along and tells me that I had to concoct another workaround on my CC, I learned this from my mother many years ago. That's just how I make oatmeal. On the other hand, my wife likes the overnight method, because that requires the least amount of cooking. Go figure. :)

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jscout - yup, I'm not really warpathing on Capital about this one. It was a test. I left it unattended for about an hour because I didn't want to be awake! And I was curious.

Interestingly, it's not scorched, just crusted. I think probably because it lost too much water only, as you suggested. It is McCann's, BTW. (or was). Good idea to add more water for such circumstances. And BTW, enough remained to provide a much-appreciated breakfast, I am told.

Actually, I've been making it for years too and never really looked at the directions til yesterday. I think I've always "stewed" it with lid closed until I read as you note that this is not the prescribed method. The first batch I made yesterday was per instructions like that. The second was this little "test" - which again, I agree doesn't implicate the CC. But it is a need I'd like to make work somehow so personally, I intend to work until I find a ... workaround ;)

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