Good quality 'whirpool'?

slowdowntohurryupMarch 5, 2012

looking for a qood quality whirpool tub for a new install didnt initially want to default to the Jacuzzi lines. maybe that is the best bang for the buck out there --- $1-$2k is budget...


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We have a Kohler Devonshire standard size whirlpool. Paid about $599 on sale at HD about 5 years ago. DH just said last night it was the best thing we did in remodeling our house. Works great and a reasonable price.

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Check with some of the plumbing supply stores in your area & ask about floor model or warehouse stock they may have at a reduced price. We paid ~1/10 of the then current retail price for our tub as a floor model & we found that many of the plumbing houses buy "show models" from the manufacturers that they then sell at greatly reduced prices.

Hope this helps!

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we've only checked out one plumbing supply place and were pretty disappointed about the price vs selection -- as in high price - limited selection....we do have a couple others on our list to "visit" though

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I went to shopping for a bathtub at Tubz, a store in Fremont, California with literally hundreds of tubs on display. Two different salespeople there recommended Jetta as the brand with the most bang for your buck. I don't have any personal experience with it, though.

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A quick story about our Kohler tub. Went to a plumbing showroom where they showed my the devonshire. Said it was thier most popular because of good reviews. Their price $999. Drive home, get the mail, see an ad for Home Depot. Same exact tub on sale for $599 plus you get a $100 HD card if you buy another bathroom fixture. Bought the tub and the toilet we wanted. So I figuire I got the tub for $499, half the price of the showroom!

Shop around, don't be turned off by showroom prices.

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sounds like a good deal on the kohler tub--- and maybe we are being too picky about some things--trying to dissect everything.....

have heard of the jetta as well - but not a lot of stores carry them - but think a few around here do...thx for the reminder

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