Rough Granite Accent in Shower - Gunky?

BelfastBoundMarch 28, 2014

I am in love with this trim and would like to use it inside a niche and as a horizontal trim around the shower about 6 feet up a 9 foot wall. One of the pieces is rough granite and I wonder if soap and shampoo lather will gunk it up. What do you think? This is a large 5x7 shower and we are used to squeegee-ing for 3 minutes after every shower.

Thanks in advance to all who give their time to reply.

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BriAnDaren Ottawa, On Zone 5

After using the squeegee, you'll want to use a dry towel to pick up any remaining liquid.

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That makes a lot of sense. I thought folks might have advised cleaning with a toothbrush once a week or painting a special sealer on just that one tile.

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We have a split-face travertine tile as a border in one of our bathrooms, in/on the tub surround. I sealed it before it was installed, and then again after it was installed and grouted. I clean the bathrooms pretty much weekly, sometimes pushing it out to 1 1/2-2 weeks if I have to. I spray 7th Gen Disinfecting Bathroom spray cleaner on the tub surround, let sit ~10 min, spray some more on a microfiber cloth, and wipe down the walls. I don't "scrub" the split-face, really no need to. No gunk, soap scum, or build-up. We wipe down our tub surrounds after showering, using a microfiber cloth. DH uses the bathroom with the split-face border; not sure if he wipes the border tile every time--it's high enough so it doesn't get much direct spray from the shower.

It still looks as good today as it did the day it was installed, almost 3 1/2 years ago.

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Thanks cat_mom I will look for that spray. Do you use the microfiber cloth that is more like paper or one that is terry-towel like? I'm thinking paper because the the terry might get snagged in the split-face.

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The ones I use to clean the bathrooms are the orange automotive ones (came in a pack of ?) fromTarget--got them shortly after we did our kitchen (7 years ago). I had gotten different ones for the kitchen, so started using the unused orange ones for the bathrooms. They are (were) nice and thick, maybe sort of terry cloth-like? No snags.

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