House Plan. Link to the picture.

martinkk333February 24, 2012

Here is a link to our first designs at the house we are building in Arkansas.

Here is a link that might be useful: House Plan

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See if this shows up any better for you:

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Wow, lots of things I do not understand...

I see two places marked laundry and 3 spaces marked utility. What do you see in each space? Most are empty.

I can't read closet dimensions to tell how they will function.

I see a bath attached to one of the bedrooms. Where will the other two front bedrooms go? What bathrooms will your guests use? How are you going to layout that bathroom attached to the bedroom?

Kitchen won't work as drawn with that crescent shaped piece in there. Not enough room between it and square island or between chairs and wall. Is that the fridge at the end of the run? It will stick out farther.

Do you enter the house from the garage by going under the stairs and then snaking through the kitchen?

Is the back living area really the master bedroom? How do you get in there?

You have a lot of pocket doors shown. Pocket doors do not work in a lot of locations. (Or not without a lot of work.)

The master closet pocket door won't work as drawn. You can't attach a rod to a doorway or to the pocket the door slides into. Take the width of your pocket door, double it and add 1". You should image that area as blocked off - nothing should be anchored to it, no electric or plubming going through it. Some have done thicker wall or double walls to get around this, but it has to be taken into account early on.

I apologize, but so much of this plan does not make sense to me at all.

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I cannot see the picture.

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