Limestone in the bathroom?

maylenewMarch 8, 2012

I was at the fabricator's yesterday finalizing the counters for my kitchen, and I saw this gorgeous singular slab of Euro Beige Limestone. It was so light--almost white--and I was in love. Color wise, it's perfect for our master bath however I'm nervous about how it will hold up. I'd be using it for the counters and the tub deck which also becomes a bench for the shower. Thoughts?

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Slab means none, or less, grout lines. Much easier to keep clean.
With a good sealer, it should be fine.

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Thanks so much Dando!

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Limestone is so beautiful! Keep in mind that limestone is a calcite based stone, so it may etch. Be careful with cleaners and products used on and around it. I brought home some samples of limestone flooring and noticed it was fairly soft and easy to scratch. I'm not certain if all limestones are like that or just the one I tried. You might want to bring home a sample to try with products you use.

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My first choice of tile was seagrass limestone but our GC warned against it, his main reason being that he knew we were going to be bathing the dogs in our shower and he said that their nails could scratch the limestone.

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I used limestone tile on my counter and bath deck (seagrass) and a look alike in the shower so I could clean it with anything I want. I am careful with the limestone and don't set products or coffee cups on it, anything that maybe could stain or etch. I just wipe it down with a wet cloth and it looks good as new (almost 2 years old). I don't find it soft at all and have had no problems with scratching, but different types may be different. I think getting a sample and seeing how durable it is would be smart, especially with a light color.

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All of our bathrooms have limestone counters. They were sealed by the fabricator, with what I do not know. We haven't had any problems and have been in our home over six years. That said, you do need to be careful what you put/spill on them.

We bathe our dogs in the shower, which has travertine and it hasn't scratch. Limestone is softer than travertine. I was told Limestone is not a good flooring option.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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