mercedes C220

demii2October 16, 2005

Hi, I'm looking at buying a 1995 mercedes C220. The mileage on it is 147,000. I want to pay $5500 for it if the inspection checks out. The dealer wants $8000. Are there any mercedes c2200 owners out there who can tell me how many more miles i can expect to get out of this car? It will only be driven on occasion, not a work vehicle.

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I think you'll find many Mercedes owners who have more miles than that on their cars, and probably some of those have spent a lot of money on their cars getting them to those high mileages. One guy I know has an older Mercedes diesel with about 250,000 miles on it, but he had an engine put in it once, which probably cost several thousand dollars.

The mileage you're able to reach in this car before major repairs like that depends on how it was taken care of by the previous owner as well as how it was driven. In addition, the number of miles remaining in it before major repairs will depend on how you drive it. If you drive it only occasionally, you won't get as many miles out of it as you would if you drove it a lot, because cars deteriorate by time as well as mileage. However, its life in years will probably be longer if you don't drive it too much.

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