Check Engine Lighet AGAIN

jerry_njOctober 4, 2010

Sorry for the capitals, just trying to scream my dissatisfaction with my low mileage 2005 Chevy Colorado, with the big 4 cylinder engine and manual transmission.

The truck was purchased new, and has seen only light duty, about 13,000 miles on it to date. The biggest load it has had is a yard of mulch and a light aluminum fishing boat in tow for short distances and that no more than 10 times a year for both.

Anyway the check engine light came on shortly after the 36 month point and when I paid the dealer to check it, it got a new oxygen sensor. I forget the cost but well over $100.

The light came on again today, and I thought wouldn't it be nice to have a code reader - e.g., the Action CP9410 on Amazon for $55, with over 100 customer reader reports on file.

Does the owner manual for the Chevy tell me where the code reader plugs in? I assume it is something "hanging" under the dash, or on the engine side of the firewall.

In spite of the good advice from "johng", I'm a committed shade tree everything (mechanic, electrician, plumber, painter, cabinet maker) so why not at least have a "shot" at the problem with a code reader. The truck is running normally with the light on (has been on for about 5 miles, and came on while I was doing an unusually rapid acceleration trying to fit into a stream of 45 mph traffic passing by the store drive I was waiting in). I don't know if the push acceleration set something off that will pass, but I did check and reset the oil change function. The light remains on.

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Jerry, you can go to Auto Zone and they will read the codes for free. While you are there you can watch them plug in the code reader. That way you will know where the connection is.

Good Luck

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Bob, thanks, there is an Auto Zone near me.

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Auto Zone does indeed provide a readout for the "check engine" light. I stopped by there and a nice young lady, couldn't have been more than 5' tall, just right for reaching up under the dashboard without a lot of bending over. She found the connector without delay and when I said boy you knew right were to look, she said most of them are in the same place. So, I now know where the connector is, and I could feel it with my hand when I got back behind the wheel.

Interesting too, for Chevy owners, on the way to Auto Zone I again had to do a hard acceleration (no wheel spinning even on wet pavement) and soon noticed that the multifunction display, above the Odometer/trip, the words "Fuel Cap" was displayed. First chance, I pulled off the road and checked the fuel cap. It felt loose, so I took it off and put it back. It is a flaky cap in my view, one can put the cap in and turn it to the "click" position and still the cap isn't on. I think that might be what happened and the acceleration shook it loose. Anyway, the AZ person said the code was for fuel system ventilation (I don't recall now exactly what she said). We looked and they had a replacement cap, but I said I'll check the cap I have out more before replacing it. She said the check light would not go out for a "while".. maybe until I refuel or just drive "far enough". The check symbol is still lighted, but the display no longer indicates "Fuel Cap"

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Jerry, check the rubber seal inside the cap and make sure there are no crack or small pieces missing. If it looks good put a little vaseline on the seal and put it back on. make sure it clicks several times. If that was the problem the light should go out after a few drive cycles.


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Thanks, the seal looked good, I can also try some Vaseline, suppose we have some here... the cap looked to my eye to be in good condition, I even looked for the tabs on the cap neck, as are present on the new cap I didn't buy. The tabs look undamaged, yet the cap has a strange start. I'll check again in the morning, but it seemed to me one could put the cap on and twist it until it clicked, yet it wasn't in correctly. For now the check engine light is on, but the display is silent on the "fuel cap" warning, so that may be a good sign. Seems strange that the on-board computer takes several operational cycles to reset, perhaps the specific problem is tested on a scheduled basis, and that schedule has not yet come up.

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As forecasted by the the young lady at Auto Zone, if the cap is fixed the "check engine" light will go after a "while"... the sequence was today, about the 4th time I used the truck since reinstalling the fuel cap, I was driving with the "check engine" light on, then after being on the road for about 10 minutes the the readout displayed "fuel cap" - I pushed the display advance button and both the "check engine" and the "fuel cap" displays extinguished.

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