Need some bathroom layout help.

reveriereptileMarch 8, 2014

I'm trying to figure out how to layout two bathrooms in our house we are building. Some changes were made to the plans and a FIL that thought the door frame for one should be 15" from the wall instead of centered or only 4" out which makes it harder to figure out what to do.

The downstairs bathroom is a 11x9'. We would like to put in a 42" depth tub with a shower surround. We have a 11 month old is why we want a tub and since my husband is decent sized he can't comfortably fit into a smaller one. He would like to use one if we had a tub.
The next thing is he would like a stacked washer/dryer. I will be the one doing pretty much all the laundry and want them side by side up on a platform with storage above.

Our upstairs master bathroom is going to be 9x12'. The door was placed as far as I know 4" from the top right corner. I haven't gotten to go in the house upstairs to look at it and my husband doesn't remember. This bathroom should be much easier to do. We want a large custom shower, either a 1 or 2 sink vanity, and a toilet. If we do a 1 sink vanity we want it as wide as the 2 sink ones. Storage will be designed depending on the bathroom layout.

I'll attach some pictures.

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Only ideas I could come up with for the downstairs bathroom. Not sure if they would look alright or not.

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Upstairs ideas.

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I am confused. What is the purpose/meaning of the first two layouts that you posted? If you have no intention of using those plans it just muddies the waters to post them.

Maybe others are better at visualizing without any dimensions, but it would be more helpful to me to have the measurements written out on your ideas. ie shower 3X5, etc. Hard to compare when I don't know the difference of one layout to another.

I assume the small square box is some sort of storage closet? Again, would be useful to have that labelled. YOur vanity appears very small for such a good-sized BR. Again, if measurements were on your pics, we could see if there was room between edge of shower and wall to extend your vanity.

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Yeah, you're right about the first ones. I'll remove those.

Yes, the small box with the door is a closet.

The rooms are 11x9' for the one with the blue washer/dryer boxes and the other one is 9x12'.

We don't know what size of shower for the upstairs that we will have. It will be a custom size but we want it a decent size. I think I used the 36" wide sink vanity. Had to add the two side boxes to make it wider.

The downstairs tub is the standard 60" wide but 42" from front to back wall. The toilet is standard and the W/D are the standard 4ct front loader size (40hx27wx30d). The sink vanity is only 24" wide. We didn't want a huge one there. This bathroom will be mostly for our son when he is older and guests.

I've left 1' of room on each side of the toilet. The doors are 36" wide and same goes for the window.

I'll see if I can make some pictures with measurements.

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I hope this helps.

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Thanks Reverie, much clearer without the original blueprints.

Personally, without any idea of actual sizes, I like the middle MBR one, with the angled shower. It could be quite the showpiece, particularly if all 3 outside walls were glass! (That would be expensive!) But I would make your vanity longer. I would love to have a BR this big, mine is just about half your size and my vanity is 40"!

Depending on what your priorities/needs are, you could downsize the shower to a rectangle beside the toilet, leave 3 feet for toilet space, 6 feet X 4 feet for shower, and have a second vanity on same wall as door, or a nice large linen closet, and extend the vanity on the left by at least double, ie 72" instead of 36".

Again, in your downstairs bath, not sure why you only want a 24" vanity, even for guests, it's nice to have at least a 48" vanity, and you definitely have the room. I like the 3rd pic best. I would build a shelf and storage over the WD. We did that in our laundry room, made the large shelf removable, it is the same depth as our WD, great for placing folded laundry, detergent on, etc.

I would place the toilet under the window (Just make it high enough) and lengthen the vanity to at least 48"

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Thanks for your input. Maybe we will space the downstairs vanity so if we do decide to put a larger one in then it can easily be done.

The upstairs vanity I don't mind having larger. I just only picked a 36" for the smallest I'll want to go. I don't even mind having 2 basins in one vanity.

I love that W/D set up. That's what I want to do.

Our bathrooms will have tiled floor and I thought about seeing how hard it would be to do a shower that doesn't have the edge to set over and is level with the floor.

I have other upstairs ideas but just haven't tried them out yet. My 11 month old is keeping me busy.

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Here is one of the other ideas I had. The shower is a 4'x5'. The wall next to the toilet is only a partial wall for a bit of privacy if someone walked in. There is about 10" on both sides of the toilet. The double basin sink is 62" wide.

Don't know why the photo is so big. It is only a 200x162 pixel image when I saved it.

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That would certainly work! What I like about nearly all of your pics is that you sure have lots of room for towel bars.

The only thing this version lacks is extra storage, ie linen closet.

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I added another picture. The one on the left is the same as above.

The one on the right has a shower wall that the lower corner near the toilet is a wall and the rest of it is glass.

I could use some type of wall holders on the wall when you're walking out of the shower to have clean towels on.

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Here is what I could use on the wall at the end of the shower. I can't stay away from Pinterest for ideas.

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I would just keep it simple. Towel hooks, robe hooks and some towel bars. For just the two of you in the Master BR you'll only need two towels, one each (Unless you use more than one), and they will be basically in constant use, ie once you use them you have to hang them somewhere to dry.

I'm pretty crafty, but I don't think I could roll towels that perfectly! LOL

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You do have a point.

I could do some shelves above the toilet. I had forgot to add the upstairs bathroom's wall to the left is 8' but the ceiling slopes up to the wall with the door that is 13' high.

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Since you do the laundry and you want them side by side, they should be side by side.

Is the door for the downstairs bathroom already in place? If not, can you center the door? It would be better if the toilet was not opposite the door. If you center the door, the toilet can be in the upper, right corner, so it will not be visible from the hallway.

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The door frame is built. My FIL kept saying it should be near the corner and then started ahead before my husband had a chance to tell him otherwise. I thought his image of the corner was right up to it and not 15" from the wall. It wasted and ruined a lot of possibilities on arrangement.

My husband is going to talk to a skilled Amish house builder on Saturday about working on the house. I want to convince him to move the frame to the center or at least over to the wall. The same Amish built my SILs house and does a really good job especially at measurements. He had some free time right now before it gets spring. He is going to frame the windows, do the roofing, put up the clapboards, and some other misc stuff. Going to use him as much as possible.

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Love that wine rack!

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The original 2nd master bath layout makes the best use of the space and allows the most privacy for the toilet area of all the layouts you've posted. The view from outside the bathroom is also nice of the vanity. Like others have said that shower would be awesome. With the size of that shower, you could even make it curbless and doorless if you squared off the angled side.

On the other bathroom--moving the doorway should be no problem if the sheetrock isn't up yet. I think you could use the 3rd layout, shift the door over toward the W/D as far as possible and then I think you could just fit in a vanity to the right of the window & toilet to the left of the window. The door swing would flip for it opens toward the W/D. My aunt & uncle have that setup in their kids bath and it works great for them.

I would definitely go with a 36" wide vanity in the 11x9 bath that will be used by your son/guests. Even a boy has toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, hair gel, cologne, razor, shave cream, etc to store, not to mention the items overnight guests bring along. Plus there is a little more counter space. We have 2 boys (each have their own bathroom). That's how I know just how much stuff a boy has. We opted for 36" vanity with the sink centered to allow for 2 drawers on either side (perfect size for hairbrush, hair gel, toothbrush, tooth paste & razor) with a double door cabinet underneath--plenty of room for extra towels/washcloths, extra toilet paper, soap, shampoo, etc. A 24" vanity doesn't allow for drawers, has only a skinny cabinet underneath and there isn't a decent amount of counterspace to speak of.

Hope this helps!

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Of the 3 downstairs renderings, I would only choose the 3rd one (with a little tweaking). In the 1st one, you almost have to step around the toilet to use the WD. In the 2nd one, the W/D are stacked and that wasn't your choice (wouldn't be mine either) and there is nowhere to fold or any storage. For our laundry room, we removed the legs from an unused 30 x 60 portable table and set the table top right on the W/D. Then my DH installed two 30" stock upper cabinets 13" above that top. Now I have lots of folding space and plenty of storage.
In the 3rd layout, I would reverse the sink and toilet locations, putting in a longer single sink vanity.

For the MB, I wouldn't even consider a 24" vanity. Since 2 people share this bath, that isn't enough counter space. A typical bath sink requires 18" if topmount,15" if undermount, leaving only 3"-4.5" of countertop on each side of the sink.
I like your second rendering, with the angled shower, especially if it was frameless glass. But, instead of the vanity butted up to the window wall on the right, I would shift the vanity left, putting a 30"w x 18"d tall linen cabinet directly across from the door. (I'm unsure why you made your linen cabinet 30" deep. That's a closet depth, and there isn't any hang-up in there. You really only need 15-18", max. 24".) You would still have room for a 54" vanity.

144"-30"-60"(needed for toilet)=54

If you installed a single sink a little more to the right than center, you would have lots of counter space. You could even diag. cut the corner of the vanity, mimicking the diag. of the shower.

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@reveriereptile: what is your final floor plan? Have you started your renos yet?

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