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secsteveOctober 21, 2007

I will be buying a 2007 Honda Civic manual transmission since the 2008's are now here. The dealer's have "reduced" them to $16,251 which is the invoice price according to KBB and Edmunds.

I will be trading in a 1997 Honda Accord and the trade in value in good condition (which I believe mine is) is $2,490.00.

I will be seeing someone on Tuesday that was recommended by a friend and want to have all my ducks in order.

Sooo, question is what should I use for bottom line? I'm paying cash so that eliminates financing. I know that the dealer I'm going to has 5 left and it is coming up on the end of the month, so I'm sure they'll be willing to get them off the lot.

I was thinking of starting at $15,000 and working from there. Of course, not letting the sales person know that.

Advice/suggestions welcome!

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Unless there are factory incentives, I don't think you can get it below invoice. Or were you talking $15k + your car? They might go for that. Best way is to sell your own car and negotiate the new car straight up. That's about the only way you'll know what you paid and what you got. jmo

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Thanks for the reply gary. Yesterday I talked to a friend who used to be a used car dealer and he steered me to National Automotive Dealers Association web site. According to them the invoice is $15,616. I think it's interesting that they list a total different invoice then on either KBB or Edmunds.

Gives me a bit more to go on.

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Do not tell them you have a trade in. So you talk them down to 14,000 without one or you tell them you have a trade in and they still say we will give you the car for 14,000. You just gave away your old car for free. the price they gave you is called " pending ". If the dealer
sells 200 of the same car, sometimes less their "invoice"
cost could be 10,000 or less. Your friend didn't tell you that did he.

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