8'' Widespread faucet holes, but 1-hole faucet w/soap dispensers?

lee676March 21, 2013

I have a nice granite vanity sinktop with pre-drilled holes 8" apart for a widespread faucet (separate handles and spout). I much prefer the single-lever, single hole faucets though, which allow for easier temperature adjustment and one-hand operation. Does anyone have this setup, using the center hole for the single-lever faucet, and the other two holes for a soap dispenser, hand spray, or lotion dispenser?

This seems to be common in kitchens, but less so in bathrooms, although I've seen it done like in the picture below. What do you think - nice, or weird?

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I think what you are seeing there is a single lever faucet but the lever is the one on the right. There is no lever with the spout -- that's the drain lever. The soap is on the left. That arrangement would work with your 3 holes, I think better than 2 dispensers.

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Yep, you're correct - I've seen that setup many times, it's not bad but it makes it somewhat awkward to use the faucet with the opposite hand. I agree that two soap dispensers wouldn't look good or be intuitive - if I did it, I'd use a smaller one for the lotion to make it obvious which one is the soap. But I'd rather find another use for the third hole, maybe a water sprayer (though I don't think it's all that necessary in a bathroom sink). I could just put a cover plate over it, which I see a lot in kitchens, but it wouldn't look good on dark granite. I don't need an air gap. Anything else I'm not thinking of? A pop-up lever for the drain maybe?

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I like what you are thinking about - repurposing the predrilled holes. Now, if you don't do two dispensers, what about a tiny vase, or test tube, set in one hole for a small bouquet of flowers. And I am serious, not kidding. It might be too crowded, but just something that came to mind as I read your post.

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Filtered water? Built in tissue dispenser (box attached to underside)?

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Find a cylinder to fit the hole and make it a toothbrush holder or makeup brush or other tool/implement holder. I like the vase idea too. Tissues sound like they could get wet that close to the faucet and sink. Look around your sink and think about the things you use there that might work. If it is mainly for you, lotion could work, but if it is a bath guests use, I wouldn't go that route.

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I really think anything but a soap dispenser, spout, or lever/knob wouldn't look right so close to the water spout - tissue, toothbrushes, makeup holder would get wet too easily. I bought a cheap widespread faucet from a big box store because I need something now, but may change it out at a later time if I think of something or see something better.

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