bio deisel vehicle info?

vstechOctober 11, 2005

I have read the greasecar page and a few others, and I think I can build a heat exchanger and storage tank to make a go of this bio deisel project, but any info you guys have would be great.


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vstech; why? Not sure where you are; but you can get soy biodiesel from regular gas stations (well, some of them), here that don't require any modifications to the vehicle, and certainly don't require building your own still!

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sure, not required, but I am adventurous and cheap, so 30c/gallon, or less is better than 2.50/gallon for biodeisel.
the webpages explain pretty well how to make it, and I have the supply of used veg oil to play with, so I may give it a try, but hey, any info would be taken here.
John in NC

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vstech...been thinking the same as you since my relative owns a restaurant and thus surplus gunky veg oil. Just watched a show the other evening on making bio D...figure if I can make great beer and wine I can make this stuff too, as long as I dont try to drink it!

Keep me posted what you learn and I will do likewise.


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vstech, try to keep some accurate detailed records on the cost of refining "waste grease" into a Diesel fuel..

All the naysayers shout out : but the costs of manufacturing still are too great, that veggie oil is really too expensive..

I totally disagree.
We are running out of cheap oil, but this can be replaced with bio-Diesel , much the same as the then cheap crude oil replaced whale oil nigh 150 years ago.. As far as energy goes, these are exciting times !

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If someone gets the veggie oil for free, how is that too expensive?

These would be exciting times if the government didn't have their hands so far in the pockets of the oil companies.

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If someone gets the veggie oil for free, how is that too expensive?

Your "raw material" may be free, but it still costs you to collect it, filter it, treat it to create biodiesel, store it, and pump it. You will have nowhere near the economy of scale of a larger producer. And, theoretically, your time is worth something, too.

Most folks will not be in a position to produce their own biodiesel. They'll roll up to a fuel pump just as they do now. Do not be surprised if, whatever alternative fuel becomes popular, the big oil companies have a lock on delivering it to you.

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