Type of trailer needed to transport a farm tractor?

mister_hOctober 5, 2006

I'm thinking of buying an old farm tractor - 50's Ford 8N or 9N. And I'm wondering how to transport the darn thing to my property which is about 150 miles away. Do you think U-Haul may have some kind of trailer to carry a such tractor? I have a V-8 Dakota (5500 lbs towing capacity) and I suupose I can rent a bigger truck if my Dakota is not enough. Does anyone have any experience on trailering a farm equipment like that? Any helpful advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Have you tried an equpment rental place like sunbelt or nationsrent to see what they say/have?
One thing to keep in mind if you decide to try u-haul is they will ask you what you're going to tow with the car carrier. (Which I'm sure will work but it's like a pontoon boat, the inside is open to below) If you don't tell them it's a car in their database that is within the weight limits for what you're towing with, they won't rent to you no matter what.
For example, I went to u-haul to get car carrier (not tow dolly) so I could haul some small freight containers. They asked what I had and what I was towing. Knowing they'd say no if I told them about the containers, I made up a car off the top of my head... oh sorry that's over the limit for the car carrier. So I said, no... I'm towing a Mazda Miata. Then they didn't believe me and told me to scram. Hehehe.

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The U-haul car carrier mentioned would work fine as long as the wheels on the 8N are set within the range of the ramps.Tandem axel of course.The weight of a 8N should be well within specs of that type trailer.

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