Problem with trunk

rabbit8October 2, 2006

I have a 2006 VW Beetle and I can't get the trunk open. I have tried several times by punching the button on the key ring and the inside door switch, but it just sound like it is trying to open, but it doesn't. It seems like something is not catching. What do I nned to do?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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OK, this is going to sound like dumb advice, but when you press on the key fob or pull on the door switch, do you then go back to the trunk and open it from the latch? The button/switch unlocks the trunk, but it doesn't pop open like it does on some other cars. If you grab the handle (over the license plate, I believe; I have a Jetta, which is similar to a Beetle, but not identical) with your thumb on the painted-metal part, your other fingers should be underneath the handle. Press against the latch with those fingers. It should "give" a little and the trunk should then open.

If the trunk still doesn't open, you might need to bring it back to VW for a repair.

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Is there something in the trunk that is pushing it outward and stop[ping the latch from releasing?

You might try pushing down slightly on it while you manually unlock it.

Typically the remotes operate a plunger type solenoid which pushes on the latch mechanism. If for some reason the plunger is no longer in position with the latch, then the solenoid will "pop" like it's operating (because it is) but won't do anything. Have you tried opening it manually at all?

good luck

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Yes, I tried. Today I take it too the vw service department. I thank you so much for your information. You'll are such nice people.

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