Fridge - GE Monogram vs KitchenAid vs Subzero

michiganrachelMarch 24, 2010

We are in the process of renovating and adding on to a home. I am in the process of trying to choose appliances for our new kitchen. I think I am going to get the GE monogram 48" dual fuel range.

Are any of the brands on refrigerators really better or worse than the others?

Does anyone have recent versions of the 42" side by side of any of these?

I've had a KitchenAid refrigerator before and was very happy with it. With current rebate programs, I can get the GE Monogram fridge for about the same price as the KitchenAid. The Subzero is about $2k more. Is it really worth it?



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I am very interested in this questions as well.. We are deciding on the same 3 fridges.

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my in-laws have a GE Monogram and it was having issues holding temps. They had many issues with this unit and eventually had it replaced by GE

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We were looking at the same choices, only it was 36" range and 48" refrigerator. We went with the GE Monogram dual fuel range, but decided on the Subzero refrigerator. It was the rebate issue that made it a tough decision for us. With the additional $1000 rebate from GE and a better discount, the difference in the price we were quoted (same dealer) was closer to $3000, but after a lot of back-and-forthing went with the SZ.

The Subzero seemed to us to be something we would want to keep for 20 years or so. From various reviews, I'm not sure that the subzero will be any more reliable, but it sounds like when it is working, it works well - good temperature control and owners say it keeps food fresh longer (though I haven't heard of any independent confirmation of the "keeps food fresher" claim). They did have some reliability problems from some bad parts a few years back but it sounds like they made a decent effort to take care of buyers who had those problems. I don't read the horror stories that I hear about some brands in dealing with repairs. And SZ does have a reputation for longevity.

Did I make the right decision? Ask me in ten years. I may have been just as happy with the GE Monogram and saved $3,000, but unless the Subzero turns out to be a real lemon, I'll be comfortable with the decision.

Are you limited to 42" for the refrigerator? We had originally planned on 42", but had the architect change the plans to fit a 48". We just had to give up 6" depth in a cabinet. The price was only $550 higher and the freezer width is much better. And I don't understand why, but the Subzero site shows the 48" using less energy per year (541 KWh vs. 650 KWh for the 42", both without dispenser)

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I had the GE monogram all fridge and all Freezer units installed in 2007. Within 6 months I replaced them with the Miele units.

The freezer had so much frost build up, you couldn't close the drawers and thus the door did not close properly. Iw as defrosting it weekly.

The fridge had a mold colony growing in the drip tray RIGHT BEHIND THE WIRE FRUIT AND VEGETABLE drawers. According to GE it was operating within normal parameters and in addition the drip tray assembly could neither be cleaned properly nor replaced.

I can't speak for the other brands you're looking at but I can tell you that I love my Mieles. The look is fully integrated but never mind that... They work well and my fruit and veggies seem to last longer, everything is easy to see and easy to find so no more wasted food.

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We had a GE bottom freezer fridge that had many issues holding temps. I would never buy another GE fridge. We replaced it with a kenmore branded Kitchen Aid fridge. I love it and knock on wood, have had no issues in the last 18 mos

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Have had a Kitchenaid Superba built in 48 for more than ten years with no problems. Had looked at SubZero but they were having reliability issues (since resolved) so went with KA and have never had reason to be sorry.

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I can only speak as to the KA 48" side by side built in architect II, which I've had in now for about two years without any problems. It has been fairly quiet and there have been no complaints. Certainly I like the fact that food doesn't get lost in the back like in some of the full depth fridges. I might have considered the subzero, but the handles on the KA matched well with the Miele ovens and DW. Oh and the extra 5 or 6 thousand was an issue as well.
I think only you can decide if the 2K extra is worth it for the "prestige" of the subzero.

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My SZ 42" side by side/dispenser model has been nothing but a headache for the last 6 years. Luckily, SZ offered to replace it for $2500.

I don't think I'd hesitate to buy another. Hopefully, my bad experience was an anomaly. Now, my experience with Fisher&Paykel is another story altogether.

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I just asked this same question to a repair guy who was at my house fixing an ice maker in my outdoor fridge. (A KA btw) I asked him from a repair standpoint about *all* kitchen appliances. He said NEVER buy a GE fridge. He said they make cooking components well but everybody has their niche and that's not theirs. KA for DW, SZ for fridges and GE for ovens. Granted that is one person's opinion but he had nothing to gain or lose in the conversation. He also said he wouldn't buy a Viking anything. He felt like the mid-point appliances performed just as well as the high end for a lot less money. The only exception was the SZ fridge. hth..

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We have a KitchenAid 48" and will NEVER buy another KitchenAid appliance of any kind. The fridge has had so many problems, the seal on the door never worked well, and the customer service is terrible.

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trying to bump this up...trying to make a similar decision.

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I posted on a similar thread already today. Love my GE monogram 42".....7 years old, quiet, and no issues with my family of 5. No mold anywhere, no frost....been a gem and workhorse. But if true integration were my priority, I would spend the money on the SZ.

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We are in the process of a kitchen remodel. I am also debating between the SZ, GE monogram or a Thermador. Any new suggestions?

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We purchased ENTIRE GE MONOGRAM package November 2011. Regrets?!? NOTHING BUT!
*Wall oven sensors replaced within 6 months since door too hot to touch, would not cool down nor could open oven door.
*Griddle fire December 10, 2012 due to grease build up because of grease seeping under griddle accumulating by flame because of design flaw. Griddle not used now even though "special GE engineers determined after looking at photos that it is NORMAL GREASE BUILD UP by flame & safe to use". SERIOUSLY?!?
*48" side by side refrigerator stays between 22-27 degrees thus freezing refrigerated food 7/26/13. The following items were replaced: foam assembly, damper, fresh food sensor & mother board. As of 9/12/13, it is freezing foods yet again. Another damper has been ordered costing us over $400 including service call.
It was interesting hearing GE Service Tech saying "too bad you bought the 2011 instead of now...made in China then and now in US."
Any suggestions?!?

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Revisiting this thread to ask if anyone has purchased the GE Monagram line up lately?

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The Monogram fridge is bringing up the rear in that troika.

Easy choice to go KA at the same price - and I am no fan of KA at all ! The fridge is a solid unit.

The SZ is better - but $2k better ??? That depends on your wallet first and then your appreciation for details and technology second. You should have a nicer buying experience with the SZ, but mileage will vary and do you even care enough about that anyway - let alone at a higher $$$ ?

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Update: GE graciously REPLACED both oven & 48" side by side Monogram refrigerator because it was determined after multiple attempts repairing both none were successful. (Grease still seeping under griddle & under the grease collector on the brand new range!).

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We purchased a GE Monogram all refrig. in 2011. It began having condensation problems almost from the very beginning. Finally this past week they offered to sell us a new model for $2912.97.
Of course since our problem was too much condensation we have had a mold issue for a long time not due to uncleanliness. If we accept we will need to throw away any jars in the unit so as not to carry the mold to the next unit.
We purchased the Monogram after having a Sub Zero for 20 years,we read it was more energy efficient.
Very sorry for this choice.

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Any recent experience with the 42" KA.

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Love reading all these reviews dating back 5 years now. Great insight on other owners issues. We have a 48" GE Mongogram built in which was installed back in january 2003. Worked great for abut 7 years then random issues began to start. Purchased extended service contract to the tune of $500 which helped cover the cost of a new freezer door. Since then we have dropped another $1000+ in miscellaneous repairs. Over the past 2+ years the unit will stop maintaining temp. However, after a day it starts back up so I cancel service call. Issue popped up again this past week but now it will not kick back in - temp at 56 & 24 for 5 straight days. Since I had already talked with a tech about this issue his feeling was that the part that is going out will cost about $500++ plus labor. Decided to check into replacement. Only GE and SZ will fit in my cabinet space. About $2k difference as previsouly stated. Appliance store informed me that these refergierators have a life expectancy of 10-12 for GE and 12-15 (sometimes up to 20) for the SZ. It's painful to think we are paying $1k per year for a refer! We have decided to try SZ this time, but if I had to do it again, I would have remodeled the kitchen with plans for a less expensive refrigerator.

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