Headlight Bulb Replacement

reekolaOctober 31, 2007

Daughter had a burned out headlight bulb on her 2001 Honda Civic EX a couple of months ago. Replaced the bulbs on both (not sure who installed them). The one that was burned out before is out again. Any way to look for the cause (e.g bad wiring, short etc.)? Can parts store check anything? Any advice appreciated!

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I dought you have a " short ". everyone uses that excuse.
90 percent of people have no idea of what a short does.
If you had bad wiring the bulb wouldn't work for a couple
of months. I'll bet my last beer on a sunday you have a
vibration problem. The bulb probably didn't burn out. The
filament broke. Seized shock,bad tire,loose headlight
assembly,loose front end parts,tire out of balance. If you
had a " short " or bad wiring don't you think it would
affect both bulbs ?

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Did the bulb break? The glass enclosing halogen lamps gets very hot. Any smudge, even a un-noticable finger print, can cause hot spotting of the glass and subsequent rupture.

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Don't know if your car has bulbs or sealed beams. In either case odds are the filament just burned out or broke again. If one failed prematurely, it was most likely caused by defect or rough handling somewhere along the way. As jemdandy says, if you have halogen bulbs, they aren't supposed to be touched with your fingers.

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Thanks for the input. I replaced both bulbs last night with Sylvania Silver Ultras (on sale). The burned out one had a broken filament for the low beam (high worked). Glass was not broken. Not sure who installed it. I used latex gloves and made sure they were seated tight, wire clamp was secured, the rubber seal around them was snug and connection on good. I didn't feel any vibration while driving. I'm hoping it was just a defect. We'll see. Did an internet search and found many people saying the Sylvanias burned out quickly many times, within 2-3 months many times. I've had them in my cars for 1-2 years now and still working. They liked PIAA, but I think those cost a lot. Thanks for the help.

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