Cost to Replace Car Battery?

chisueOctober 14, 2011

DH took our 2005 Jaguar X-Type into the dealer for annual service. It has 20K miles on it. We've never replaced the battery, so I wasn't surprised that it tested weak. I was surprised that they quoted $300 to replace it. Is that nuts?

They also wanted to do reallignment; said the front tires are wearing unevenly. My thought is to wait until we need to replace the tires. Does that make sense? When might that be? How many miles/how much age for tires?

Third thing they wanted has something to do with replacing the fuel injection. HUH?

The car is running fine; went out of extended warranty last year. Obviously we don't drive much -- farthest/fastest is 25 mins. on the expressway to see DS and family.

Any help, please?

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The price of batteries have gone out of sight but not quite what that dealer quotes. If it is not warranty work or a factory recall I wouldn't deal with the dealer. You can get a quote over the phone for battery replacement.

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Thanks, Don.

I have figured out that a lot of this cost has to be the Jaguar dealer's labor rates. They probably also have to pay to dump the old battery and the fluids. I don't know who is responsible for re-setting everything electrical when the power is interrupted.

One thing that they say MUST be done (and I agree) is to replace the power steering fluid.

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I think we will try an independent garage that services Jaguars, now that the car is out of waranty. We can take the car in and ask for a check-up. The dealer changed oil and filters, said the brakes were OK, only noted the four problems: Power steering fluid; 'Service' fuel injection; Weak battery; Uneven tire wear.

I was surprised about the power steering fluid supposedly being contaminated, but if it is, it is. Maybe we should be looking for a leak?

I'm sure we can get the battery replaced for less.

Jemdandy has suggested on "Kitchen Table" forum that we should get the tires inspected and have the alighment done. (I'd think a few curb bumps and pot holes could have caused a problem.) We'll do the alignment.

I wasn't clear about the fuel injection problem. It is to be 'serviced'. Whatever that means. That seems reasonable to do on a six year old car.

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Around here the chain auto parts stores will change the battery for free when you purchase one of their batteries. Just a quick look but AutoZone gets about $150 for that type of battery. Pricey for a battery but it's Jaguar, sorry, Ford. ;-)

Tires should be rotated every 5,000 miles or so. Alignments are a fairly normal component of regular maintenance.

I'd ask for details about the injector servicing. In some cases it's little more than an cleaner poured into the gas tank.

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What did dealer charge for annual service? A 6 yr old battery is due for replacement. A fee for jump start is not cheap. Piece of mind.

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Thanks, Mike and Joe. Have an appointment to take the car to a local garage that serviced a previous Jaguar for us once it was out of waranty. They can check the power steering fluid and perhaps see a reason it would have become contaminated; replace if necessary.

The 'servicing' for the fuel injection seems to be a vacuuming operation. I think we'll let this garage do the battery replacement (and re-set all the electrical gizmos).

I think we should go to a tire center for rotation and realignment.

Joe -- The dealership did the checklist (brakes, etc.) and changed the oil and replaced filters. I thought the charge was really low: $56. The four things they cited were all about $100 over what I thought was reasonable -- which I put down to the high labor rates for their mechanics. If this dealership were 'right around the corner', we'd might not be questioning this. The one that IS nearby has refused to service this car because we didn't buy it there. (You'd have to know the owner!)

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Main dealers have one priority. Ripping people off. I was quoted over �150 for a fresh battery for my Opel Vectra (badged as Saturn Aura in US) but I got it for �80 from an independant motorfactors.

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THS doesn't seem to recognise the Euro symbol. � means EUR

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Very odd for a jag dealer to charge $56 for a annual service and 300 for battery. Seems upside down. An annual should be 3-400 or so. Even an oil change for 56 is low.

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Well, thanks John Wayne for the big ole can of...

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Mike, there's a little gray flag at top right side of post, same line as your name. Click that to report spam. It gets removed pretty quickly.

Yeah. good ol' John Wayne has spread spam all over the place! We picked up about 4 or 5 prolific new spammers with the changeover.

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