Trouble Shooting 88 Vintage Cruise Control

buckyOctober 2, 2007

Fellas: The cruise on my 88 Chevy Van is acting up. It will hold speed for 10 minutes or so and then backs off. It doesn't disengage completely as if you push on the gas pedal (kinda help it a bit) it pulls back and keep set speed for a while and then slows down again. I have replaced all of the vacuum hoses from the engine block to the dash control. I did have a bad vacuum leak at the dash control but that has been corrected. My question: How can I trouble shoot the cruise system to determine what part in the system is causing the problem. Thanks

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your cruise transducer is bad.

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Thats good to know. Where is this transducer located on an 88 Chevy 350 Sports Van G20? Thanks a lot

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If it is a mechanical transduser it is under the hood with
the speedometer cables connected to it. If it is electronic it is under the dash by the steering shaft.
( sometimes ). Get the manual for your van. It can tell you
more than i can.

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Kalining: Thanks for the info. I'm working with a Haynes Manual for my van and it has absolutely zilch on the cruise control system. I have just purchased a GM shop manual on ebay and am awaiting its delivery. I hope it has the info I need. Thanks again for the response.

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If you have the type of transducer (under the hood) that uses speedometer cables, check for a clogged vent. This may be a cap with a small hole in it, and with a filter inside it. Clean or replace the filter. Never operate the control without the filter. A plugged vent may cause erratic behavior of the speed control.

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