Radiator problem

ody2778October 4, 2006

Hello, I hope someone here could give me some hints to solve my problem.

I have a Geo Metro 96, and three days ago I had the radiator coolant changed. Yesterday the engine overheated (The mark on the paneal reached the red area) when I was driving home. That never happened before, and when I checked at the radiator, there was no coolant, it was vaporized or something. I added some water, but when I got home it was vaporized too, not as much as the first time, though. I added some water again and there seems to be no leak. What could be the problem?

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since problem appears after a coolant change.
I suspect the radiator drain plug or the radiator cap is the problem.
Can you check both and ensure they are on tight?
You may have to run the engine a while until its hot to verify no leak exists.


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Also, I wouldn't run the engine w/o coolant. Do a 50/50 mix and refill.
Else, I would just return to the shop and have them check it out.

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I suspect that the shop used poorly trained personnel who did not bother to check for air pockets.
Sometimes it is better to remove the thermostat when refilling ( I have read)...I would NOT do this, but the refill process can take time...in this case, perhaps the thermostat should have been replaced as well (ten years old ?)
Was this work done at a dealer or one of those quickie places???

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If you aren't seeing any steam from under the hood, or aren't finding any puddles under the car, I can't help think that your engine has a bad head gasket. To verify, watch the tailpipe for excess steam exiting, and check the oil dipstick - if the oil looks like vanilla milkshake, then coolant has gotten into the oil via a leaky head gasket.


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Hey!, I took the car to the place where the coolant was changed. The problem turned out to be a leak on the reservoir tank (The plastic thing). They fixed it with glass fiber.
Thanks for your help you all!!!

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