OT:Dryer Died, Need Help

creekdwellerFebruary 2, 2012

What kind of w/d do you all recommend? We have so much to wash and dry with Daddy here, I know that is what has caused mine to just kill over. I need one that will wash heavy quilts, blankets, and comforters. Seems like we wash 3-4 loads every day. Before Daddy came, we washed once a week. And a dryer that can dry the wash. We have been without for two weeks, and I am about to pull my hair out. We have to hang them outside on the clothes line, which we don't mind, except for the fact that it has been raining and we have no place to hang that many clothes.

Please make any suggestions.....


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I haven't shopped for a dryer in years. I understand there are dryers that "know" when the clothes are dried and automatically shut off.
Good luck.

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OA, What kind do you have? It must be a good one. Bet they don't make them like that anymore. Mine is only two years old, and it is DEAD!

Hubs and I usually just hang our clothes out side on the clothes line, but, with Daddy here and he has so much to wash, we can't wait for a nice day to hang clothes out to dry.

I've heard about those that shut off when the clothes are dry. That would be nice, we are always standing around checking to see if one batch is dry, so we can put another in.

Thanks for your reply,


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Mine's a Kenmore - and it's as old as the hills. I usually went for that brand when I was young, as they were reliable back then, not too much money if you waited for the sale at Sears, and you could get a repairman out at the drop of a hat. I'm not so sure that's the case these days. In fact, I heard that Kenmore was dissolving although I can't remember when or from whom I heard that.s

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Creek, I also use to always buy Kenmore but my current one is Whirlpool. It's suppose to know when clothes are dry but it's like all the others (suppose to know when the load is dry). I've had one other one and that feature doesn't impress me so I wouldn't buy one based on that. One of DSIL's friends had just bought it and was moving and told them they could have it for $50. Can't beat a buy like that.

DD has the new LG cranberry front load set on pedestals and they are very pretty but not sure they do more than any other set does. Hope you find one soon. Sounds like you could use one asap.


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Creek, I can so relate to your predicament of having multiple loads to wash daily. I have a really old set of Kenmore washer/dryer and have only had to have the timer replaced recently. (Nearly panicked at having to wait two days for the part to arrive!) Go to the appliance store and look for one with a large tub capacity and multiple water levels. I can wash a queen sized comforter in mine, but for my king size bedspread I took it over to DIL's to go in her front loader with an even bigger tub capacity. Luvs

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Sorry to hear your news. I'm not much help as I've had my Kenmore for 24 yrs. Like OA said, they were a Sears product and used to be extremely reliable, but I don't know about the current products.
I did buy an LG dishwasher last year and absolutely love it. I don't know if that transitions to their washers and dryers.

Good Luck,

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creek did you find a dryer yet?

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Yes, Nana I had to. I got a may tag with all the good stuff on it. So far, I LOVE IT!!!

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I have the red front load LG trom really like the set.

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