National Tooth Fairy Day [long]

nana2010_gwFebruary 28, 2013

Today is tooth Fairy day. It can also be celebrated on August, 22.

In honor of the day I would like to share this story DD3 wrote for a little friend who was disappointed when the Tooth Fairy didn't come for her tooth.

October 20, 2004

Dear Miss Leah P.

Congratulations on losing another tooth, before we know it you will have no more baby teeth for me to collect.
You might not realize this but I have picked up 13,163,427 teeth this year alone. I have been doing this for a very long time, so not even I know how many teeth have been collected over the years.
I have seven sisters; all are Tooth Fairies just like me, but we all work in different parts of the world. So you can't even imagine how many we have!
I know everyone wonders what we do with all those teeth, and I think that you will be surprised when I tell you Tooth Fairies have a special ability to turn teeth into a fine powder that looks a little bit like glitter.
When we have enough powder, we add it to rain clouds so that when the sun comes out it mixes with the water and makes a rainbow! The next time you see a rainbow remember it was your smile that helped make it!!!
I am very sorry that I couldn't make it to your house last night as you had hoped. so many children lost teeth on Tuesday that I couldn't make to everyone before morning. I have to collect the teeth of the children who lose their very first tooth
before the rest. Plus one little boy in Springfield, Illinois, woke up because he was having a bad dream and I was almost caught! His mom came into the room and turned on the light while I was hiding under the lampshade. It is very bright and hot under a lampshade when the light is on. I suggest you don't ever hide there!
Anyway, I am sorry that you were sad.

Your friend,
Tooth Fairy From 2013-02-28 (by Eye-Fi)

The dishes and flat ware were TS finds, the fairies came from DT 2 years ago. From 2013-02-28 (by Eye-Fi) From 2013-02-28 (by Eye-Fi) From 2013-02-28 (by Eye-Fi) From 2013-02-28 (by Eye-Fi)

The 8 sisters can't get together often [of course they can't miss Feb. 28 and Aug.22] so when they do
there is Fairy dust EVERYWHERE!!
Fairy dust should not be confused with Rainbow powder! From 2013-02-28 (by Eye-Fi) From 2013-02-28 (by Eye-Fi)


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Big smile here!

All that 'fairy dust' is just magical (& fun to clean up, I am sure!) LOL! Love the irridescent table runner & the pretty Mum flowers! The colors of the dishes you've chosen is wonderful but it's the 'fairy dust' on them that makes this table! So darn cute!

Your DD3 is not only a tooth fairy ...she is a 'good fairy Godmother.' Precious letter! TFS, nana! Jeanne S.

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Sweet letter -- I would have enclosed cash and some glitter and just apologized for being late. But then I'm the good sister tooth fairy. lol!!!

I love the glitter on the table and, thanks to Nana, I'll never think of glitter or my teeth the same. ;^D

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Nana, wonderful tooth fairy ts. All that glitters is not GOLD. The pink glitter is great and looks good on the dishes and table. Nice find on those pretty dishes. I have two of the same fairies and they are fun for our ts.

I remember I missed waking up when DD had lost a tooth one night. Don't remember what story I came up with but this letter would of worked great. She has also done that with her DD so laughed when she told me. Thats' part of the working mom syndrome I guess.

I'm thinking the fairy was still hot so didn't need lit candles for this table huh? Tooth brushes added in the cp flowers is a cute idea. Thanks for setting this National Tooth Fairy Day table and sharing.


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Well Nana it's like they're never to old to learn
something new! Nat'l Tooth Fairy Day is a first for me and
your table is 'Sweet'..!
Love the special letter DD#3 wrote for her little friend and also the way you created this lovely table with the '8 Sister Fairy Figurines'. The flatware and dishes were great TS finds and I can see them for lots of Spring/Summer Tbscapes.
All that 'fairy dust' looks pretty and I think you were pretty 'brave' using I did many class projects using glitter, and many mothers would just roll
their eyes..because of the 'clean up' at home! lol
TFS this lovely table and DD's Tooth Fairy letter.


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Thank you everyone for your sweet comments.

Jeanne, I'm sure I will have fun cleaning up the "fairy dust', I may leave it for St. Patrick's Day.
The dishes sat on a shelf at the TS for months. [I bought the flat ware there previously]. when I decided to do this table I was glad they hadn't been sold.

PM, thank you, Who would think our baby teeth could help make rainbows?

Punk, I've wanted to do a table featuring all of the little fairies since I got them. I'm sure they will come out to play again!
I think we have all had to make excuses for the Tooth Fairy.
I was going to use candles on the table but the Fairies FREAKED OUT!!! they can't take the heat and open flames
terrify them. And they are used to working and playing in the dark.

Jane, I just learned about about National Tooth Fairy day too.
I'm sure I'll use these dishes again.
My daughter planned this letter to be the first in a series of short stories about the misadventures of Dentalina and her sisters. I hope some day she will finish them.
Maybe the glitter AKA fairy dust will magically disappear back into the clouds HaHa.

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Nice table and a very cute story. Love your collection of angels too. Luvs

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