Car stalls when turning sometimes

static1701October 30, 2005


My wife just got a '93 Villager from a friend. It is in over all good shape. The only problem we are having with it, is that it stalls out when turning at low speeds. Does not matter what direction. It will start right up again. Does not do it all the time. It has not posted any codes. Any ideas?


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A possible power steering glitch.
If the RPMs are too low and an excessive load is placed on the engine...Check out the tires and pressures.

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If the wheels are turned all the way against the stops and the relief valve in the steering unit is set high, that can stall the engine.

As stated above, if the engine speed is too low and an attempt is made to steer either right or left without allowing the vehicle to move a little (turning in place) this may stall the engine. Steering effort is reduced if the vehicle is allowed to move a bit.

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Another possibility:

The IACS (Idle Air Control) may be worn and not responding as desired. This little gizzmo is the control that changes engine speed a bit (increases intake air flow) when the engine controller send pulses to it.

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