nervous..about different color shingle than siding

AnnicadeFebruary 25, 2012

I know it is too early to judge since we haven't picked the stone and put it up yet on the front grade, steps, other peak, but am nervous about the contrast. I fell in love with the different colors/dimensions/texture of our house plan on a website and we are buiding the house with all those elements. What do you all think? If were were to go with the same color or darker grey shake shingle as siding I thought it would be to bland and we would have to go with all grays stone, IMO. Our siding is Mastic, Harbor Grey, it is a cell phone picture and a freezing dreary day and look a lil blue in the picture. We put Rugged Canyon on the top peak. The front of garage is going to be stone. Around front door stone and peak above. Front porch is going to be just the vertical board and battan like garage. Please any input would be very appreciated!!

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I think it looks great! Since you have already seen these colors together & liked it, it sounds like you're just nervous as everything is coming together--probably because this house is yours that you will drive up to every day vs a house you saw that belongs to someone else. Perfectly normal reaction.

My advice--take a deep breath, maybe sip a glass of wine, and focus on the next decision you need to make knowing that the exterior choices you've already made are the right ones :-)

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At first I hated the color of our roof. It was a color our builder suggested, as did the supply company. It seemed to me to really stand out compared to the siding. But after they got the stone put up, and the stained concrete in the front done, it looks just fine.

Try to step back and not just concentrate on one thing. When I was lamenting our roof color, I drove around our neighborhood and looked at other roofs, and was amazed I had never noticed the colors before. Some were green, some blue, some brown, some black, some red.

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I think it looks great! I also think mydreamhome is spot on. You are stressing because it is so important that you made the correct decision. It is also very hard to realize the finished look when its your house and there are places that still need completed. Hang in there...If that is what you wanted, then when its done it will be what you wanted. :)

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