Engine Knock and loss of power

andre_mediaOctober 6, 2013

2001 Corrola wityh about 170K. Burns some oil, so we just put some in,, maybe two much. (3 quarts). After driving 20 minutes engine knock and power was going quickly.

It now starts right up, but has an engine knock and you get no power from gas pedal.

Did we blow the engine with too much oil? Can it be resolved by draining some oil.

Any help is appreciated

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Also to add. The sound is like shaking a can of spray paint. It is not a loung clanging. Thanks

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Read the site. I found it by Googling this phrase >what happens with too much oil in the crankcaseThere are lots of hits. It's a better than even chance you have broken your engine. Don't start it again.

Here is a link that might be useful: Read This and Weep

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Sounds like a broken push rod, connecting to the piston. If the push rod breaks, the piston can not move. Will result in no compression. Please be careful, and take to a mechanic.

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With a grossly overfill of oil, this can happen: The crank hits the oil and churns it. The oil aerates, churning heats the oil, lubricity reduces, and oil pressure may falter and at cruising speeds. bearings begin to fail and cam surfaces may be damaged. Due to loss of pressure, hydraulic lifters may not support cam loads and excessive tappet gaps may appear.

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