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Paul KailasMarch 14, 2012

I'm in a quandary. I want to update our slide in Duel Fuel range, but am finding that ventilation is a huge issue with top end ranges like Wolf, Viking, et al. Our kitchen configuration limits us to a range with Microhood. Even our current lower end Frigidare Professional Series heats up our kitchen more than I like, so have been considering the Viking Induction Range VISC530-4B. I know there has been discussion on repair frequency and quality and such, but I think this was pre 2008 mostly. I've been assured, by the dealer, that they handle the warranty 100%, so there is no out of pocket on that. There is a 3-year warranty on the range, 5 years on the induction cooktop and 10 years on the oven coating.

And to top this off, the dealer has a floor model we can have for $4800.00. List is $6500.00. Normal price with factory rebate is around $5800.00. So it's a decent price, if that can be said.

Does anyone have any experience with this range? Or any recommendations?

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From previous discussions here, as I recall, nobody's bought one of the Viking induction ranges because that list price is over twice what other induction ranges (i.e., from Electrolux, GE, Samsung, Maytag, Frigidaire, etc.) seem to run. I certainly think you'll like induction, but you may want to look into some of those alternatives.

OTOH, $4800 is way better than list price, so if you get it please let us all know how it works for you...

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Michelle just posted about the Viking the other day. She decided NOT to go there given some of the issues you just mentioned, but I'll link her thread below so you can read it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Michelle's Viking thread

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So...just got a call from Viking Corp today to discuss concerns.

According to the rep (she was great), they have changed suppliers on the induction burners (since 2008) and amps on the range (I have no idea if going from 40 to 60 helps) and have not had complaints since making the changes. I am cooking with the regional "Exec Chef"(he called today) on Tuesday. I really want this to work for me but don't think it will given the other reviews but who knows. In fairness, all of the reviews I found were pre 2010. They are far and few between.

For those that may be on the edge, the rebate/promo goes from $750 to $500 on 4/11. In my region, when that happens. they usually double it with OEM and Regional disco to be about $1000. Who knows what they will do going forward.


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Paul Kailas

Well, I didn't purchase the Viking Induction Range after all. Funny thing. After 3 trips to the store, 3 different sales people and 3 different recommendations, I purchased the Viking Duel Fuel VDSC530T-4B Range. Why, you may ask? It requires the entire story.

When I first decided to upgrade my kitchen cooking equipment, I went to this store and looked around and did some research. I decided that I liked the VDSC530T-4B. However, the sales person we had that day recommend the Induction range due to the fact that we didn't have a vent hood. We looked at that range and I liked it enough. However, my wife absolutely didn't like the fact that it had not electronics, such as a clock, timer, display or anything. So.... onto other ideas.

We go back a 2nd time to the store and a 2nd sales person. She recommended the Wolf DF204. Wife and I both liked it. I'm not a red knob snob, so that didn't impress me. It had more features than the induction range's oven, so it immediately became the front running, as far as my wife was concerned. However, the sales person informed us that the floor model induction range was due to be available for sale, hence the $4800.00 price. Induction range back in the running!

After a few days pondering, we decided to go back and finalize our decision to buy the induction range, and a 3rd sales person. This time it is one of the owner's kids. He also worked previously as a Viking rep. So, he's a fan of Viking. After discussing all of this with him, he tells us that the Viking Convection/microhood is designed for use with the VDSC530T-4B as many people have a set up like us. He went so far as to get us a deal on the VDSC530T-4B for $4895.00.

Long story to the finish. We purchased the VDSC530T-4B range and it was delivered last Friday the 23rd of March. (the day after my 55th birthday) It looks and works beautifully! Made cookies, bread and lasagna so far in the oven. Used the proof mode, tru-convec and regular baking modes so far. Also used the broil-Hi mode to brown some garlic toast as well. Only one issue, it was delivered with the right rear igniter malfunctioning. Looks like the tip is bent. They are coming out today to fix.

Wife loves the look and functions and we love the 18,500 BTU burner when boiling a large pot of water for the pasta.

Also purchased the floor model convection/microwave/hood. Seems to be just fine keeping up with the heat.

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Paul Kailas

Here's a photo of it installed.

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It looks beautiful in your kitchen. Good luck with it.

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