Brake caliper sticking

zinc_manOctober 18, 2005

88 subaru loyal, brake caliper sticking and heating up engine and burning rotor up. I checked the rubber line and its not clogged.(front passenger side)Just put a new master cylinder on it a few weeks ago.When I hit the brakes the car doesn't pull though.But when I open the bleeder on the caliper and there is no one holding the brake down the fluid squirts out of it like they been partially pumped up prior to bleeding.I think its the caliper that is at fault but wanted to see if there was any other possible problems before I went and purchased a new one.Like I said,The line is all cleared from the master cylinder to the caliper even the rubber hose.I am unfamiliar with subarus but I would think the brake system are the same as chevy ford and dodge.There is no ABS system on it either.

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Sorry it's a 92 not an 88. Was thinking of my truck.

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On some cars there is an adjustment between the pedal and the cylinder.
There must be some free play, also the pedal must not be hanging or binding.
I see nothing wrong with the caliper as long as the piston moves properly.
The hydraulic flex lines can, with age(ten years plus), restrict , even control(more or less) the fluid flow..

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I think the flexible brake line is ballooning a bit, perhaps not enough to see, when the brake is applied and the brake line is pressurized. When you release the brake pedal, there is enough residual pressure in the system to maintain some pressure on the pads. The only solution is to replace the flexible brake hoses.

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Sounds like the seal on the piston has blown out.

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So, ZincMan, what was the outcome ?
I believe Eric is on the right track..

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There NEEDS to be some residual pressure in the lines when the brakes are not applied . . . this keeps the seals tight against the bore; which prevents leakage. Even though the piston still moves; it does not mean that it moves freely enough . . . time will slowly accumulate gunk; and brake fluid by definition absorbs water from the air . . which can eventually accumulate and start rust / corrosion.

If the line is plugged; you'd not get decent braking out of that wheel. Besides; pressure in a closed system is the same everywhere . . .

I'd say it's new caliper time . . .


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I have a 99 grand caravan . I replaced both front brakes an calipers . I bleed both sides . After a few days driving to n from work my passenger side began to smoke an turned my rotor a glowing red . I later found the rubber boot on the caliper burned of n found my rotor to be now cracked . I since have replaced both . But I am still having the same problem . The caliper is seezed against the rotor . I can not figure out why . Any advise?

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