Tire price

joe_mnOctober 21, 2011

Goodyear has $160 coupon. Priced out 4 comfotread tires. That was 600. Mounting/balancing/road hazard/tax/old tire disposal was 200 more. Ugh. So final price was 640 or so. I think dealer is screwing me on labor. He gets full price since GY is giving me rebate.

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The only thing I can tell you is to shop around. Make sure they are quoting you an "out the door" price that includes mounting, balancing, valve stems, disposal, sales tax, etc.

The warehouse clubs often have pretty good prices and you might check independent dealers as well.

It never hurts to ask, "is that your best price?"

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If you can post on the internet--you can search for tires online!! I like tirerack Bought new tires for my CRV from them and no 1 could touch their price and they have a long list of installers that u can choose from and see thier prics. discounttire is suppose to be good as well. You can see mrtire, costco, etc etc prices on line. Hell I bought my 2011 CRV online via email. Use the internet to ur advantage.

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Tire was 148 each but install was another 50. Well, u only get tires every 4-5 yrs. Dealer has bills to pay u know. I thought 800 for car tires is high. Guess I am cheap

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Having trouble comparing cost differences between tires of the same size? Check the Federal exise tax. This tax is based on the amount of rubber in a tire.

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