Bill, Mongo, anyone - grout on tile....

pirulaMarch 19, 2013


We've installed lovely penny round tiles in the guest bathroom in the basement and they look very nice. I decided I didn't like the white grout so I've stained it. Looks terrific. But there are several spots on the glossy penny round where grout was left, stuck on. Now it's showing like crazy of course since it's gray!

How can I get this off? Is there a solution I can use to help dissolve it? Do I need to scrape it off? And if so, what would be the best tool for this to minimize scratching the tile itself?

This was a DIY job and my DH, who is usually very good at this, had a hell of a time with the penny round. Anyway, we need to fix it. Welcome any advice before I start scraping.

Thank you!

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Depends on how heavy it's on the face of the tile. Obviously you want to use the lightest implement possible. I'd start with a single edged razor blade. but be careful-- it may leave metal marks. If it does, they CAN be removed with bartenders friend, but it'd be nice if you could get away without it. If that doesn't work, try a 5 in 1 painters tool. If you can get it down to nothing more than just a minute amount, then you can hit it with a non-acid haze remover and it should take the rest off.

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Thank you. Just spent some time on the John Bridge forum as well, they suggest the razor, vinegar, patience and barkeeper's friend as needed. Will try!

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