Replace headlight in 2005 Chevy Blazer

pandoraOctober 23, 2006

Could anyone please help me get started with this? I know this should be simple, but I can't even get the old one out.

Thanks in advance.


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Check your owner's manual, probably the bulb easily turns out from inside the engine bay.
Use a mirror and powerful light to see the set up....if necessary..

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If you have the owner's manual, there should be directions in there on how to get the old bulb out, as well as exactly which model of bulb you need to replace it with. You also can go to your FLAPS (friendly local auto parts store), tell them you have an '05 Blazer, and they can look up which bulb you need.

Generally, you will have a bulb holder which either screws into or locks into the back of the headlight itself. It may be kinda tough to get in there unless you move something else a bit.

Two words of advice: 1) Don't touch the bulb! Oils from your skin (or grime from the engine, for that matter) will severely reduce the life of the bulb. And 2) Don't buy those stupid blue bulbs. They may look spiffy, but they don't provide as much usable light for you and they are harsh on the eyes of those who have to look at your headlights. I've had good experience with Sylvania's "extended range" or whatever bulbs. They're a strong, clear white.

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another suggestion. Replace both headlights. If one goes chances are likely that the other is going to go shortly and bulbs are cheap enough.

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Good point. Replacing bulbs in pairs is so automatic with me I don't even think about it.

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Thank you so much for all the good advice. I will go get the owner's manual right now. Yes, good point about replacing both. Looks like Sylvania it is. I should be able to get this done on Saturday. Glad I haven't gotten a ticket/warning yet. :)

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I just replaced mine with Sylvania Silverstar (I believe). They're white, and a lot brighter than the old ones. MUCH better! As I get older, I need more light to see the road at night. Hope it doesn't bother other drivers too much, but it's more important for me to see the best I can to be safe. I've learned to not look right into the bright headlights of oncoming traffic. Cost me about $40 and took about 2 minutes to replace. I kept the one good one I had for a spare (in the trunk), in case of emergency replacement.

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