Wolf/Sub/Bosch vs. All Viking

kce2012March 13, 2012

I've been reading a bit on this forum and learning a lot and now it's time to make a decision but I cannot find any direct answers from the searches. I am building a new home and need to make an appliance decision. After doing a bit of research and working out pricing, I have come to two options:

1) All Viking: Designer 48" SS fridge, Pro 48" 4-burner/double griddle rangetop, Designer double convection ovens with touch pad, Pro convection mw, Asko dw with turbo drying.


2) Subzero 48" SS with dispenser, Wolf 48" 4-burner/double griddle rangetop, Bosch 800-series double conv. ovens, Bosch 800-series conv. mw, Bosch 800-series dw.

After much negotiating and working out all discounts, I'm at roughly $17,500 on either package which is $3,000 higher than my original budget but I'm ok with that.

So far, I've gathered the following:

Wolf vs. Viking rangetop seem to be a preference and no clear winner. The Wolf has infrared griddle which is a plus but again no clear winner.

Subzero is a clear winner from the fridge perspective especially in reliability and food preservation... but maybe I'm not getting all the info... would love to hear more.

Viking is probably the winner when it comes to ovens and MW vs. Bosch. I can tell in terms of sturdiness and build quality but I have no idea when it comes to cooking performance which one is better. The touch pad on the Bosch requires a firmer push than the Viking but that is a minor annoyance.

I think the MW will be a toss-up.

The DW is again a toss-up between Asko and Bosch... I heard the turbo drying on the Asko is great but then again I don't have any owner feedback.

I hope that some owners here can chime in and help me to make a decision.

Thanks for reading.

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I would go with wolf/bosch/Sub anyday over viking just because of service issues that you can read about in many places including this forum. It is not necessary either functionally or aesthetically to have matchy-matchy appliances. My two cents:)

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You also ought to consider a Miele DW instead of the Bosch.

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You realize that answering any one of these questions is a topic that can generate dozens of posts on this forum. So asking for quick answers on range, and fridge, and DW, and MW, and ovens, all in one post is pretty formidable, especially when the questions are not particularly specific. Asking "which is best" is often an unanswerable question. You have done "a bit" of researching on the forum, but perhaps you might consider doing a bunch more. For example, the Wolf vs Viking range issue has dozens of threads. Ditto for, say, a Bosch vs Viking DW discussion (though on this forum, I suspect you'll see much more on Bosch vs Miele, as not many people take Viking DW's very seriously).

But if you want snap judgments, here are a few:

Viking gets questionable reliability ratings frequently here. FWIW, we just had a fancy dinner at our friends' house and their 1 year old Viking oven started sparking, and the bottom heating element actually started to melt before it was shut off.

I don't recall anyone here ever having touted Viking fridge over SZ.

I would definitely look at other ovens and DW's. We have owned 5 Bosch DW's over the years, now have two Miele's in our kitchen and wouldn't trade them for the world.

I also love our Miele oven, but I know there are many fans of others. Did Viking ever work out the problem with blue paint flaking off the inside of the oven?

I hate built in "name brand" MW's. They are incredibly overpriced, and contain the same "guts" that a cheap Panasonic or Sharp MW does, at six times the price (since the electronics for all MW's come from one of those two companies and are just rebranded). We have a simple Panasonic inverter MW hidden in a cabinet with a garage-door type cab door and I'd never give that up for any built-in.

More research!

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Before going with a Viking oven I would carefully research the issue of temperature averaging. It has been written about on this forum.

I had a V kitchen except for Miele DW. Every V piece has been repaired/replaced at least once. Oven was bought back; replaced with Miele. Fridge was recalled & door replaced at which point they were wonderful and repaired every single thing that had gone wrong out of waranty -- as Wolf is reputed to do routinely. But that hasn't been everyone's experience.

The fridge is OK, now going on 8. Very sturdy and I liked the interior configuration. But only 1 compressor and very noisy. After having a Liebherr with 2 compressors (another home) -- silent and an excellent freezer -- I would not buy a single compressor fridge again. I'd look at SZ, Liebherr or Miele on that. Liebherr might produce a savings.

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I'd throw in the Thermador (and cousins, including Miele) line of integrated refrigerators. I had not realized that Viking were single compressor. To me that's a deal-killer. The advantages of two compressors are well documented and for the prices you're spending, this should be non-negotiable. If you're looking for a safe, no questions asked alternative, then SZ can't be faulted as long as the issues relating to fully integrated designs don't trip you up (that's what pushed us to Therms).

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Where did you get the idea that a Viking oven is a winner? I've had nothing but problems and I'm not alone. Love my Miele DW.

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SZ and Wolf are great. Viking no contest.

Bosch 800 double ovens are great.
I only compared Miele and Bosch induction cooktops and they were close in features and quality and I got Bosch. Bosch may have a tad more in features and is 800 less in cost.
love it

I got KA rather than Bosch, Miele, Asko as the American dw's hold more dirty dishes and have heated dry-so plastics will dry. My Kitchen Aid cleans superbly, great machine. So larger capacity, heated dry, reliable cleaning-that says KA to me

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I would absolutely pass on Viking.

Get the Wolf/SubZ/Bosch package.

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Seems pretty obvious what the consensus is. Wonder what the OP is thinking?

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I know that Bosch ovens are rated well, but Wolf wall ovens are super.
My only advice for the OP is to try to get an appliance package that includes Wolf wall ovens.

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Thanks for all the excellent feedback and I have to say I'm really surprised at the emphatic response against Viking!

Regarding KA and Miele, this is not really an option because I would get a good discount by sticking with Bosch ovens/mw/dw.

Funny that during all your posts, the rep called and discounted the Viking more so now the all Viking package is $1,100 less!

I think I know the answers, but does this change anything?

And to be clear, my #1 concern is reliability... I know either company will fix the problem but I rather just avoid the headache. I think I know the right decision after reading hear. Thanks.

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Not worth 1000.00 to go with Viking from all I have heard/read . . .

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I think it's fair to say that the #1 concern on GW regarding Viking has indeed been reliability, for multiple types of appliances. From a performance and appearance standpoint they are certainly competitive but over and over again (as some of the above posts show) concerns are raised about many Viking products.

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We have a Viking gas range / hood / exhauster - they work well, and I would buy them again.

I'd go with a Mile DW.

Our Viking fridge has had three service calls in 6 years. I would not buy a Viking fridge.

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Ok, my wife and I had a chance to go to the showroom and take a look again. In case any of you wondered, I'm the husband and my wife actually is letting me make all the appliance decision but to save my hide I took her with me today so that I can take some of the liability off my shoulders! We have decided to go with the Bosch 800-series ovens, convection mw, and integrated panel-ready dishwasher. As for the range top and refrigerator, I will share my options with you and seek your feedback:

Option A: Wolf 48" 4-burner with double griddle is priced at $4,700 with the griddle cover and I am able to purchase the SubZero 48" built-in with dispenser for $7,600 because it's a floor model but it has been running in display mode for two years. It is in excellent shape and of course the warranty will commence when it is installed at my home. Since I'm buying it from a local dealer (2 miles from my house), I will be going to them for service anyway so I'm confident. Total cost for the Wolf/SZ combo is $12,300 pre-tax.

Option B: Viking 48" 4-burner with 24" griddle priced at $4,100 with the griddle cover and Viking Designer 48" SS fridge with dispenser is priced at $6,200 because it has been discontinued. This is a brand new in box unit and not a floor model. Total cost for the Viking combo is $10,300.

Option C: Go for the Viking range top since it's less money and get the SZ fridge since it is probably a better bet. This option would be $11,700.

So, you can do the math yourself and I've done the math and still don't know which way to go. Going with both Viking units would save me $2,000 before tax vs. going with Wolf/SZ. Going with the Viking top & SZ would save about $600 but is it worth it at that point.

Again, my biggest concern is reliability and warranty headaches.


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Option A all the way!!!

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Agree with Weissman.

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The SZ over the Viking fridge is an absolute no-brainer.

Saving $600 on Viking rangetop will probably be no savings 10 years from now after repairs.

Go SZ-Wolf.

Keep in mind there is no such thing as a lemon free line.

There are Sub-Zero fridges with repair headaches,ditto Wolf ovens and Miele dishwashers. Despite the fact they are the best regarded in their respective category.

But the chances of getting a lemon are significantly higher if you go with Viking.

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Thanks all for your feedback and advice. We made a decision that we'll go with the SZ/Wolf/Bosch and hopefully it will be the right decision in the long-run.

I'm looking forward to it and I'm glad I learned about this forum and I'll be coming back here for many other things I'm sure! Thanks again.

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I am in a similar situation.
But you managed to get pricing on the Wolf range and Sub Zero that is thousands less than any quote I have gotten. Can you tell me where you got a "Wolf 48" 4-burner with double griddle is priced at $4,700 with the griddle cover".

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