Mauviel M'360 cookware (crossposted from cookware forum)

jscevaMarch 29, 2012

Mauviel has a relatively new line called M'360 which is officially available in Europe and Australia, but not in North America...but pieces are showing up at some retailers and on ebay (for example, has a cookware sale ending in a half hour with three M'360 pieces available).

The information on the foreign websites is pretty vague on the construction. Lots of talk about the design, which is a little harder edged/modern than most Mauviel, but not about the actual materials. All it says is "magnetic and 18/10 stainless steel, thickness 1.5mm / 2mm frypans." The line appears to be a little cheaper than 5-ply M'cook, but significantly more expensive that M'Basic (which is listed as "sandwich bottom stainless steel").

I called MauvielUSA (twice) and haven't gotten any real information yet. Anyone out there actually know anything? am irrationally hoping that this line might actually be comparable to the old induc'inox pieces everyone loves so much...but there is no way to tell from the description. Is the M'360 straight gauge magnetic stainless, disc bottom, or clad? If disc bottom or clad, what materials exactly are involved? Has anybody actually used it, especially on induction, and if so what are your opinions?

Any thoughts/info would be greatly appreciated.

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I had all the same questions about M'Cook when I started replacing my cookware as I too was very excited about Mauviel.

I remember researching it "to death". Unfortunately, it all happened "BC" and 3 years of sleep deprivation did a number on my memory, so I cannot remember any details. :-(

But in the end, I decided that it was not "worth the trouble and/or the expense", so got All Clad pots and sauce pans and "splurged" on a Demeyere fry pan (in addition to the cast iron pieces I had already had).

I know that this will not answer your questions but just FYI.

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From what I read, I think the 360 series are just brushed, magnetic stainless, with glass lids. No aluminum. No disc bottom. More like Debuyer carbon pans only in stainless.

Maybe just the ticket for induction, but not so great with gas.

Should make an attractive and easy to clean set of induction pans, especially sauce pans. However, I'm not a big fan of cleaning stainless when used at high heat- where food or grease/oil might burn onto the pan, like fry pans for example. I'd much prefer cast-iron for that application, like an old Griswold skillet.

The other thing(s) that's hard to clean from a stainless surface are dairy items-eggs,cream sauces,cheese sauces, chocolate milk-etc.

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I just noticed ruelaladotcom has mauvel pieces right now but not sure if the price is great or not (debuyer too).

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