Don't do what I did. Stupid Stupid Stupid

gary__October 25, 2005

Yesterday morning my wife and I stopped for gas about 120 miles from home. A guy in line in front of us all of a sudden started to back up. I blasted the horn to no avail. @#$%! We got out and took a look. We didn't see any damage other than a slight scratch in the plastic bumper facia. The wife's the picky one about this vehicle so I asked her what she thought. She said it looks ok to her, forget about it. So, we let the guy go without getting any info from him. Well, a few hours latter I remembered something I read long ago that happened to someone else with a similar vehicle. Took a closer look, @#$%! D*mn plastic bumper took the hit and returned to it's original position after smashing into the ac condenser. Now I'll have to pay for it myself. Moral of the story is to always get the other drivers info even if you don't think there's any damage. I'M SUCH AN IDIOT! At least it didn't get the radiator.

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most likely you would pay for it anyways as it happened on private property.

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I thot you were one of the big brains on this forum. Hmmmm.

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Try and be a niue guy, oh well!! Good of been worse, some one could have been hurt!!

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What does it matter if its private property or not?The guy still backed into him.That means his insurance has to pay.Cars get hit all the time on private property?Walmart comes to mind for me.I have seen several accidents in Walmart parking lots and at the Mall and several places like that.

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bill Washington State an officer is to take an accident report if requested by either party including private property that is open to public access such as parking lots, gas stations, hospital garages...etc. Maybe other states are different but I thought that I would toss this one into the this thread.

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Unfortunately, if there were no witnesses and the guy who backed into you was dishonest, he could say you rear ended him. All the evidence would be circumstantial and support his claim if he were that kind of person. Fortunately, most people are not that way. I have heard of this happening before. I do know that the law supports the person with the damage to the rear of his/her vehicle in Alabama, with the exception being a situation like your own with honesty.

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He didn't seem to be dishonest...unless he saw the smashed condenser and was shining me on hoping I wouldn't see it. I doubt it. My wife and I were concentrating on the bumper which looked ok to us, I assume he was too.

From an insurance standpoint it wouldn't matter whether on private property or public road. Car 'a' striking car 'b' is a claim no matter where it occurs. Of that I'm sure.

I'm out of luck because I didn't get his info at the time so have no way to identify or contact him now. I could file a claim with my insurance company but I won't. Didn't get an estimate but the damage is probably close to my deductable.

Fortunately...I guess, everything still works fine. If the condenser would have puked out r134 at the time at least I would have seen the damage. Oh well. Maybe reading my story will help someone else in a similar situation someday.

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Once I was sitting at a red traffic light. I heard squealing tires and looked in my rearview mirror to see a Dodge ram (no pun intended) heading toward me. I was hit pretty hard. Hard enough to disable the gas line safety valve on my Ford Probe. Next, the guy drove up beside me, mouthed the words, "I'm sorry" and screeched off into the sea of traffic down the emergency lane. Two little ole lady "detectives" took off after him to get his license number, but he was too fast.
It cost me $75.00 to get my car towed a few yards to the Ford dealership, which was right where the accident happened. Needless to say, not a good day. I still blame myself for not getting his license number. Live and learn.

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My husband was hit on private property on two different incidents.

The first time the police officer wouldn't even write up a report and said it was private property. This was such a long time ago, I don't remember how it was settled.

The second time he got hit, a guy left his truck out of gear and this guy was very responsible. He came into the store and had the clerk page the guy who owned the burgundy truck. His insurance company paid for all the damages which was around $1,500. This guy apologized repeatedly, but we were just glad it didn't hit anyone.

Both of these incidents happened in grocery store parking lots.

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