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john_gOctober 30, 2008

At least it surely has to be.

New Jersey lawmakers have passed the "Right To Repair" bill though their house, and now it moves to their senate.

Read the details here.

What people fail to grasp is, shops that are making the investments that are required to keep up with the technology are not experiencing the problems that this bill is alleged to be able to solve.

The people I know who are adept at seeing through these kinds of things see this as a parts bill, not a service one. Plus they feel the lawmakers will use this as a cash cow attempting to reap in fines from the manufacturers, for problems that are both real and imagined. The issue with that approach is, the manufacturers will need to recoup those losses, and the most likely way they will do that is higher fees for the service information to the shops, who will have to charge more for the services they provide to pay the higher information fees.

Here is a link that might be useful: R2R

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I don't think it ought to be legislated. I do think manufacturers ought to disclose trouble codes and build the vehicle with an on board means to read them. Bet it wouldn't cost 2 cents to give vehicles that capablity. No reason not to disclose that info at all other than hold an already paid for vehicle for ransom. jmo

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So what. How many small shops know how to read the info?
How many know how to fix it without the proper equipment ?
Prime exp. I can give you the voltages of a H.O.T. of a T.V. or monitor. Now, do you know what to do with them ?
Do you know if the transister is bad ? Do you know if the emitter voltage is proper ? How about the base voltage ?
I know what it should be. Pay me and i'll tell you. the service shop only knows what they see. I might be missing
something but i think i made my point. Anyone opposed please chime in. I might have made mistakes. Maybe i read it wrong.

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This is about legislation that is supposed to force the O.E's to provide tools and information to service today's cars, that is in reality a parts bill which will force a lot more of what is now considered proprietary information into the open market. That will allow this information to be shipped overseas, and cheaper knock-off parts will be produced which will further undermine the manufacturers.

One of the results will be to actually drive up new vehicle prices. That will need to be done to cover lost revenues from parts sales. I could go on for hours as far as the damage that will occur to the industry.

Now as far as your other questions if they were in fact aimed at me. Do you suppose my background in electronics, which starts with an Associates in Digital Electronics Engineering, with twenty five years of practical applicable experience places me in a position to exceed the level of competence with electronics that you are questioning?

BTW late this winter I will be including the first class of a nine part series in each region that I instruct (five regions now) for continuing education for professional technicians that will bring them all the way up to the level you are questioning, and then some.

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Another reason why they don't PRINT enough money to make me live in Joisey ever again! And I was born and raised there!

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Not seeing the parts issue from the info provided. All I see is talk about diagnostics.

From my point of view, if the manufacturer of anything considered durable goods won't provide the means for others to repair the thing once it's out of warranty in an attempt to keep me chained by the ankle to them forever, (and it becomes an issue sometime) they can keep their cr*p.

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