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secsteveOctober 15, 2007

I'm wondering just how much stock people put in car buying guides and reviews.

A friend has been considering buying a 2007 Honda Civic or Accord and checked out KBB and Edmunds. Then she started reading the customer reviews and now is wondering if she should buy. Seems some of the reviews were very negative while others positive.

I told her basically the reviews were there to give her an idea and not to put so much stock in them. She's especially bothered by the negative ones (on both Civics and Accords). As with anything else, each person's experience will vary. My own experience with Honda's has always been positive and

Has anyone else paid attention to the customer reviews? I found when buying my 1997 Accord, they were helpful, but I didn't rely solely on them.

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You have the right approach: use customer reviews as data points, not as gospel. The trouble is that unhappy customers are far more vocal than happy (or at least satisfied) customers. And computers make it easy for especially unhappy someones to cut-and-paste the same negative review into several different sites.

I'm also leery of reviews made after just a few days/weeks of ownership. That's not long enough to determine some important characteristics of a product.

OTOH, reading reviews from people who've spent a few years with a product and who have encountered similar problems certainly can be useful in figuring if there are more questions that should be asked or models/engines/etc. to be avoided.

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