power door lock switch problem

jasper_60103October 19, 2006

I have a 95' chevy lumina sedan.

Heres my problem.

The power door lock switch unlocks all the doors, except for the passenger side door.

The switch will lock the door, but won't unlock it.

I can hear the switch click, but something in the mechanics is broken, and won't unlock the door.

FYI, the door does unlock manually.

I haven't ventured inside my door panel yet. I thought I would ask for some advice first.

Can someone tell me how to go about fixing it?

Do I need any parts or special tools?



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Not that familiar with that particular vehicle but most units do require that the key fob to be pressed twice, the first time unlocks the drivers door and then the second time unlocks the passenger door. You are probably well aware of that, just wanted to bring that out before someone else mentions it. Now if we know this to be a mechanical issue, pull the panel and replace the solenoid and actuator plus thoroughly lubricate all pivot points and you should be good to go. Note: you might get away with simply lubricating the pivot points and closely examining the parts for wear and binding sometimes the linkage can be bent especially if the car has had body damage and repair to the door area. Good Luck

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I was hoping someone more knowledgeable than I would respond. I suspect the problem is with the switch in the door, too; on VWs it's a somewhat-well-known issue that a little microswitch in the door fails and that can cause locking/unlocking/alarm arming problems. It's a $3 switch and pretty much a DIY repair if you're at all mechanical. It's much more expensive if you let a dealer fish around for the problem.

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yeah, I've been living with the problem for years since I didn't want to pay too much to fix it.
I think I can figure things out once i see it.
My worst fear would be not being able to get the door panel back on right.

thanks dnt1 and steve.


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My 02 Camry had/has the same affliction. Under warranty the first time they said it would have been $600 to fix. Now out of warranty another door has a sticky switch again. I am NOT paying $600 to repair it. Sometimes it actually works and sometimes it sticks. It seams to fail more when its wet out...not sure why. If I had the guts I'd pop off the door panel and take a look but I am afraid I'd make matters worse.

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