inside car loights remain ON

frankb_cOctober 19, 2007

Mercury grand Marquis 2000.

Inside lights normally dim after entering or exiting car.

Now, they remain on. Even opening and closing all doors and trunk lid, they still stay on.

In view of this happening in the evening, I disconnected the POS on the battery for the night.

When I re-Installed cabling to battery the problem was solved.

Where is the problem?

No trouble lights, and or codes?

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The problem is most likely one of the door ajar switches. The switches fasten to the latch assemblies. Manytimes some penetrating oil sprayed in around the lower portion of the open latch will hit the switch and free it up and allow it to start operating again. As far as no codes, the door ajar circuits are not normally set up to report ciruit failures. But with an O.E. scan tool a technician can go to the GEM module and read the door switch inputs in scan data. That is how I would know which one is sticking. I would lube them all reguardless. Sometimes they have to be replaced, and that means dissasemble the door to the point that the switch can be reached for servicing.

One last note, disconnecting the battery would put the light out, as well as erase any trouble codes that could have been stored. If you watch most of todays cars, they will mormally shut the interior light off itself after fifteen to twenty minutes. Not all of them, or always, but most of them, and I would expect your Mercury to have done just that.

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Thanks John_g.
I did have the Oil lub for chassis done, and the mechanic did spray up towards the handle part.
I will try your suggestion and LUB them all (4) with WD40.
The nozzle should slip under the latch and get some in there.
If, it comes up I am keeping a copy of this and will go through the GEM module with mechanic to find the trouble maker.

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