Soapstone tub and drain/overflow assembly

palimpsestMarch 19, 2013

In a very small bathroom I am planning it actually will be more cost-effective to have a soapstone bathtub fabricated than to do something like the Kohler Greek tub and have it installed for use with a shower (It's a drop in and has no flanges).

My soapstone fabricator has made larger sinks than this tub, so that really isn't a problem, and the bathing area will be much larger than the comparable Kohler Greek, or Bootz or American Standard offerings (which are enameled steel which I would like to avoid)

The difference though is that the sinks have a large sink drain assembly but the tub will require a smaller drain assembly and associated overflow assembly. Kitchens sinks generally are without overflows, so I am not sure my fabricator thought about this when he said he could do it pretty easily.

This is probably more a question for the fabricator and a plumber but I was wondering if someone had a stone bathtub knew how this worked.

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I'm no expert but I would think that if you can get an overflow drain that will accommodate the thickness of the material it would be easy to add the overflow/drain setup to the stone. I know in the local tile shop they have a travertine carved tub but I don't know if there is an overflow or not. A plumber could probably make something for the overflow and drain, or add length to the overflow/drain fixture, or have it made.

I made my own SS sink recently, but without an overflow, and set my own drain. I followed along with the Buck's County Soapstone video to draw up my plans (with a lot of stop and starting of the YouTube video). They used a Kohler sink drain that could give them the depth that is needed for the stone. But even still I needed to take material out around the drain to get the hole thin enough to accept what I think was a 3/4" thickness for the drain and nut. So that is what I used. Taking out material also allowed me to create a slope to the bottom for drainage.

So slope might be something to consider. I don't know how much slope you would need for drainage - probably around 2% at the min.? I haven't done the length to figure out how much material that would remove if you did it with a flat bottom. You don't want to get it too thin at the drain end. Unless, you put the drain in the middle near the back long side then you could split the difference.

BTW, My sink holds water too :)

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