Can Anyone Tell Me What Should be Included in a 60,000 Tune-up

aktillery9October 26, 2005

I have a 2000 Honda Civic and was curious if anyone could tell me or send me to a website that would give me a full list of what all needs to be done for a 60,000 mile maintenance tune-up.

Thanks so much in advance!!!


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Your owner's manual is the best source for this information, but I assume you must not have one since you're asking the question.

A tune-up is pretty much part of automotive history. The fuel and ignition systems are computer controlled, so necessary adjustments are made automatically. Most cars have 100,000 mile spark plug change intervals.

On a 5-year old car, the maintenance services I'd be considering would be:

-Flush cooling system if it hasn't been done yet, or if you don't know when/if it was done because you bought the car used.
-Consider replacing accessory drive belt(s) such as the serpentine belt if it has one. After 5 years these can develop cracks.
-Change oil and filter.
-Change air filter
=Call Honda's customer service number and find out what the recommended timing belt replacement interval is for your car, and replace if necessary. You may want to find this out directly from Honda and not from a dealer, because dealers sometimes come up with their own shortened maintenance intervals for timing belts and other items in order to charge customers higher service fees.
-Check brake pads for wear
-Lubricate body parts such as door hinges, hood latch assembly

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