Refrigerator WITHOUT ice maker, counter depth

mominator61March 16, 2013

Hi All,

It seems I am asking too much...I need a counter depth refrigerator (and French door/bottom freezer) for clearance reasons, and do NOT WANT an ice maker or water dispenser!

Does anyone know if such a refrigerator exists??

It's so frustrating...I wish manufacturers would dump all the useless gadgets and bells and whistles and just focus on keeping the food cold....

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just goggle aj madison and go to their site and search counter depth refrigerators. I seem to recall a few without water or ice maker. I know Fisher Paykel makes CD without.

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OK, thanks SparklingWater, I'll check that out!

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We have a KA Refrig, counter depth, French doors, freezer on bottom, (22 qf). No ice maker - we didn't want one as it takes up so much space in the door, and its very easy getting ice out of the freezer.

But it does have a well concealed water dispenser on the inside (left) wall. Doesn't eat up any room. We love it. Feels like we got the best of all worlds.

Hope this gives hope that a model you are after might exist out there.

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Thanks AnnaA.

I looked on AJ Madison and saw the Fisher Paykel (SparklingWater mentioned) and it's only 17 cu ft, so too small.

I currently have a refrigerator that I like very much, it's a single door, bottom freezer, but my KD highly recommends getting a counter depth refrigerator for our kitchen remodel.

Truth is, I don't like or want a French door refrigerator. I have "French doors" to our bedroom closet and just dumped "French doors" to my old pantry (now torn out) and I've had it with having to open two doors every time I want something. I really, really like my single door refrigerator, which is only 1 year old. Open one door....everything is visible and easy to reach, and no issues opening internal drawers.

The problem is, my door will just barely clear the island I am installing by 3/4". My solution is - so what, I swing open the door first, then stand in front of the food to get what I need. Maybe we'll just see how it works after the remodel...and then decide.

I wonder if they make a counter depth, single door...have to go check that out....didn't look for that one yet.
We will not put water hookups where our fridge will be in the remodeled kitchen. We have no interest in ice makers or water dispensers.

Thanks for your input!

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I think Sub Zero does something like that...if not counter depth, but definitely one you can build into your cabinetry.

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Thx Spottythecat, SubZ is probably out of my price range...

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I think this is one of the best CDs for the money. Has an icemaker in the freezer but not the door. I just bought one but haven't had it delivered yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Electrolux Icon Counter Depth

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Fisher Paykel also makes a single door, bottom freezer, no icemaker, no water dispenser fridge. It is only 17.6 cu ft, but we are going to try it and put the old, huge monster fridge in the garage.

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Thanks, Building_A_House, that does seem to be the consensus about the Electrolux...a lot of nice features for your money. The older models have scary reviews, I hope these newer models are improved - I would assume so. I'm checking them out.
I ordered the Electrolux Slide In Induction Range with Double Ovens, but haven't picked it up yet since we are still waiting on cabinets...some scary reviews on that as well! Crossing my fingers....

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Oasisowner, that's a workable solution for you, best wishes on that configuration. I like that the FP has no ice maker or water. Our kitchen is upstairs, and the 'extra' fridge will have to go downstairs, so with only 17cf...I'd be running up and down the stairs too much! It's already so annoying having the kitchen (and living area) upstairs...(who would do that?!)...oh yeah...we did...!
Next house/next life....ONE story house.

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Double check your KD's design. There are ways to build in a standard depth refrigerator so that you have extra counter space. Your choices will be more, and cheaper if you do that. (And have more storage space.)

You should post your design on the Kitchen Forum for feedback.

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Hi GreenDesigns,

It's true, we could cut into the wall where the refrigerator will be and recess it. I think we're done cutting, though...

I just talked to my sister who HATES her counter depth refrigerator because they can't fit large items in it. Fortunately, they have another refrigerator for large items. I will also have an extra refrigerator in another location, so am hoping I won't "hate" my new counter depth fridge. I've just ordered the 23 cu ft Electrolux.

Still time to change my mind, though. Thx for your input.

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We needed a CD fridge and went with the Electrolux CD, no ice maker/water in the door. We chose this one only because it fit our depth needs and it did not just have a basket for the freezer. We had to look at a floor model to make the final decision. We are very happy with it. Go to the Electrolux site and view the different counter depth models.

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Hi Jmarie310,

Yes, I just ordered the 23 cu ft ("22.6" to be exact) Electrolux Counter Depth Refrigerator, no ice maker/water in the door, and it only has the ice maker in the freezer, which we will not hook up, and I will remove the ice bin. I'm glad you got to see it on the floor before purchasing, I'm shopping online! So how long have you had it? I'm relieved to know you like it! I purchased the extra warranty/service contract....never in my life have I purchased these until now, with the Electrolux induction range and this Electrolux refrigerator.

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We didn't hook up our sub-zero and use the ice bucket for storing food.

SZ no longer offers a no ice maker unit (at least not in my model), we have a freezer drawer with ice maker in our bar area and didn't want to run another r/o line for another in the main fridge.

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We have had the Electrolux for about 1 month and we are very pleased. It has plenty of room for us and is quiet. This is our first french door model and it was difficult to judge the amount of space, but it clearly has more than enough for the two of us. It is bright inside and you can instantly see everything on the selves. We kept the ice tray in the freezer, its handy for holding little things and is a good place to put glasses when you want a frosty glass. We also like the frozen pizza slot in the door of the freezer. Overall it has a good design. and looks nice flush with our pantries. In our small kitchen it gave us the walking room we needed. I am confident you will like it.

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jmarie and mominator (hope you're still around), what models did you buy?

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also for those that purchased the electrolux icon, did you get the trim kit w/louvers that's supposed to make it look like a built in?

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Hi Barbarav, yes, I am still around! The model I bought is Electrolux E123BC30KS.

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