econoline-cadillac mix

beanybeanOctober 5, 2008

i bought a 1961 ford econoline pickup van that somebody installed a 1975 cadillac eldorado 500 cu in front wheel drive the rear of the truck .its stock but it runs 13 sec quartermile with a wheelie half waydown the track its fun to drive with all that power except turning it with both wheels pullin it wants to go straight any ideals on fixen this so i can drive on the street

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you kinda lost me here, this truck has a eldo. front drive system mounted in the back, kinda like a rear drive transaxle setup? or is it front drive?

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thats right from the radiator to the engine and trans is mounted in the rear of the truck ,cant tell its in there from lookin at it the wheels fit in the rear fenders only cutting was in the bed of truck the exhaust is only 2-3 feet long its fun and fast the only problem is keeping the front wheels on the ground

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got ya. cab over pick up with a straight axle, all the power and weight in the rear. easy fix add a 100 pnds up front see if that helps and go from there, or firm up the rear suspension, while removing a leaf or two from the the front spring packs.

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You have a "Draggin' Wagon". Likely, the differential is locked or there is none. It is set up to go straight and nothing more. With a regular differential, this would be an absolutely dangerous machine when the front end goes light or lifts - It would serve from straight and at full throttle, can happen fast enough to roll the vehicle. At best, you might find yourself in a ditch. In my opinion, this vehicle with a regular differential is not recommended for public roads. There's too much danger of tangling with other vehicles.

If you want to drive this machine on the street - and turn corners- unlock the differential if there is one, or install a limited slip differential and add weight to the front to keep it down. I don't recall if a limited slip differential is available for a front drive transaxle

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we had a early 60's corvair greenbriar van with a toronado setup in the rear. fun project. we modified the lower a-arms so the torsion bars went toward the front of the car vs the original setup where they went to the rear. we drove it only a few times and it wanted to go sideways. i cannot recall if it behaved the same with or without throttle. that was a long time ago. we had an open diff. not sure what i can add to this thread for input.

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